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istartek VT100-L

Manufacturer: iStartek
istartek VT100-L

istartek VT100-L, a robust 4G-based IP66 Waterproof LTE GPS tracker. This device, armed with a high location GPS module, swiftly communicates vehicle location and status to the tracking service platform through the 4G network. This functionality enables easy real time vehicle monitoring, anti-theft measures, and efficient dispatch management.

Key Features of iStartek VT100L:

    1. 4G/LTE Connectivity: The VT100-L harnesses the power of 4G/LTE technology, providing users with a high-speed and reliable connection. This ensures swift and efficient data transmission between the tracker and the central service platform, enabling real-time updates on the vehicle’s location.
    2. Blackbox Functionality: One of the standout features of the VT100-L is its blackbox functionality. This feature serves as a comprehensive data recorder, capturing crucial information related to the vehicle’s movements and status. This recorded data can prove invaluable for later analysis and review.
    3. GLONASS Support: To enhance satellite coverage and augment tracking accuracy, the VT100-L comes with GLONASS support. Dual system navigation broadens signal range, especially in challenging environments, reliability in tracking capabilities.

In essence, the VT100-L stands as a cutting edge IP66 Waterproof LTE GPS tracker, providing a comprehensive solution for vehicle tracking. With its 4G connectivity, blackbox feature, and GLONASS support. It ensures efficient and secure monitoring, anti theft measures, and dispatch management. Choose iStartek’s VT100-L for a reliable and advanced fleet management solution.

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