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istartek VT 005

Manufacturer: iStartek

istartek VT 005, a hassle-free 4G OBD tracker designed for effortless installation without the need for wiring. Simply plug it into any vehicle with a standard OBD II connector, and you’re good to go. This plug-and-play device offers versatile tracking and monitoring options, accessible through SMS, PC Computer, Mobile APP, or a dedicated monitoring platform. It serves as an effective tool for locating, tracking, and monitoring individual vehicles, providing real-time tracking capabilities and historical route information.

Key Features of istartek VT 005:

  1. Location and Tracking:
    • Utilizes GPS and GLONASS technology
    • Continuous tracking for real-time location updates
  2. Mobile Networks:
    • Compatible with 2G and 3G networks
  3. Additional Features:
    • Odometer functionality for tracking distance traveled
    • Fuel consumption monitoring for efficient resource management
    • Fuel level tracking to keep tabs on fuel status
    • DTC Error Code List for diagnosing vehicle issues

The VT005 stands out as a user-friendly 4G OBD tracker, streamlining the tracking process with its plug-and-play design. Its compatibility with standard OBD II connectors ensures a seamless installation experience across various vehicles. The device opens up diverse tracking and monitoring possibilities, allowing users to stay connected through SMS, PC Computer, Mobile APP, or a dedicated monitoring platform. This tracker is widely employed for individual vehicle tracking, offering both real-time updates and a comprehensive historical route overview.

In terms of tracking technology, the VT005 combines GPS and GLONASS for accurate and continuous location tracking. Its support for 2G and 3G mobile networks ensures reliable connectivity. Beyond basic tracking, this device provides valuable insights into vehicle performance with features like odometer functionality, fuel consumption monitoring, and fuel level tracking. Additionally, the inclusion of a DTC Error Code List enhances its diagnostic capabilities, allowing users to identify and address vehicle issues promptly.

In summary, the VT005 is a versatile and efficient solution for those seeking a plug-and-play 4G OBD tracker. With its user-friendly design, advanced tracking technologies, and additional features for vehicle diagnostics, it caters to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses relying on effective and accessible vehicle tracking solutions.

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