istartek PT60 4G Wireless

Manufacturer: iStartek
istartek PT60 4G Wireless

The istartek PT60 4G Wireless is a modern GPS tracker, easy to use without installation. It’s great for tracking vehicles, assets, and more. It quickly finds locations with its GPS and 4G features. You can recharge it, and it’s simple to install with strong magnets.

This istartek PT60 4G Wireless GPS tracker boasts a 7500mAh high capacity Li-ion battery, ensuring ample power supply and an impressive standby time of 3650 days. Its adaptability makes it a perfect fit for tracking trucks, trailers, containers, luggage, and individuals.

Key Features of istartek PT60 4G Wireless:

  1. 4G LTE CAT1/CATM Full Network Compatibility: Ensuring easy compatibility across full networks, offering enhanced connectivity.
  2. 7500mAh Rechargeable Battery: The high capacity battery allows extended standby time, reaching up to 3650 days. It supports timing wake-up and alarm clock modes.
  3. Low Power Consumption: istartek PT60 exhibits low power consumption of 0.02mA/h during standby and 0.4mA/h per data sending, contributing to energy efficiency.
  4. Driving Behavior Monitor: The device includes a driving behavior monitor, issuing alerts for harsh acceleration, braking, turning, and impacts.
  5. Dual Servers IP: Users can configure two servers for simultaneous data sending, enhancing data transmission reliability.
  6. GPS/BDS/QZSS(Glonass Optional): Employing multiple positioning systems ensures accurate real-time location information of vehicle.

The PT60-L redefines GPS tracking with its advanced features and adaptability. Its wireless and installation-free design makes it user friendly to a range of applications. The substantial istartek PT60 battery capacity and low power consumption contribute to an extended operational lifespan. The driving behavior monitor adds an extra layer of safety by alerting users to abrupt movements. The dual servers IP configuration enhances data transmission reliability.

 It can be used for 10 years by sending one piece of data a day in the ultra long standby working mode.

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