ISmarttrack TK 309

Manufacturer: ISmarttrack

iSmarttrack TK 309, an advance tracker utilizing the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites for remote monitoring.

Key Features of ISmarttrack TK 309:

Operates on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, allowing remote tracking via SMS or the internet. Suited for both handheld and vehicle use, it’s widely used for tracking vehicles, people, and other mobile objects.

Compact and Elegant Design:

The iSmarttrack TK 309 boasts a compact and elegant appearance with built-in GSM and GPS antennas. This design ensures convenience and efficiency in tracking various targets.

Multiple Data Transmission Options:

Supports SMS, GPRS, and internet network data transmission, offering flexibility in how users receive tracking information. The device also enables remote configuration of settings for better convenience.

Versatile Functions:

The iSmarttrack TK 309 offers a range of functions, including setting data upload intervals, device reboot, alarm modes, timezone adjustments, vehicle state checks, geo-fencing, over-speed alarms, vibration alarms, ACC alarms, and power failure alarms.

Supports SMS/GPRS/Internet network data transmission, allowing for better connectivity. Users can remotely configure settings, such as data upload intervals, device reboot, alarm modes, timezone settings, vehicle state check, geo-fencing, over-speed, vibration, ACC, and power failure alarms.

Comprehensive Security and Management:

This tracker sets itself apart by providing multiple functions encompassing security, tracking, monitoring, surveillance, emergency alarms, and overall management. This comprehensive approach ensures users have the tools they need for effective tracking and control.

In summary, the iSmarttrack TK 309 is a reliable tracker leveraging GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies. It better extends to both handheld and vehicle applications, making it a go-to choice for tracking vehicles, individuals, and other mobile objects.

With its compact design, multiple data transmission options, and a host of functions for security and management, the TK 309 stands out as a user-friendly solution in the realm of GPS tracking devices. Choose the iSmarttrack – TK 309 for efficient and comprehensive tracking capabilities.

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