Howen MDT

Manufacturer: Howen Technologies
Howen MDT

In the realm of taximeter technology, Howen MDT, crafted by Howen Technologies, stands out as a pioneer. Boasting approval from the OIML R21 (taximeter) Authentication after rigorous basic and expert testing. Howen is a trailblazer in China as the sole taximeter manufacturer to achieve this accreditation in NMI, the world’s leading qualified lab for OIML R21 certification.

Setting the Standard with OIML R21 Authentication

Basic and Expert Testings: Stringent Evaluation Process Howen MDT has undergone a comprehensive evaluation process. It involves both basic and expert testings. This rigorous assessment also ensures that the taximeter meets the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and functionality.

Exclusive OIML R21 Authentication: A Milestone Achievement Securing the OIML R21 Authentication sets Howen MDT apart in the industry. As the sole taximeter manufacturer in China to attain this prestigious accreditation in NMI. Howen Technologies demonstrates its commitment to excellence and innovation in taximeter technology.

Navigating the World of Taximeter Certification

OIML R21: A Global Benchmark OIML R21, recognized as a global benchmark for taximeter certification, is a testament to the precision and quality of Howen MDT. This authentication also ensures that the taximeter adheres to international standards, providing users with a reliable and accurate measurement tool.

NMI: The Leading Qualified Lab Worldwide The fact that Howen MDT achieved OIML R21 Authentication in NMI, the leading qualified lab globally, further solidifies its position as an industry leader. NMI’s reputation for setting the highest standards in certification adds credibility to Howen’s accomplishment.

Conclusion: Howen MDT – Leading the Way in Taximeter Technology

In conclusion, Howen MDT emerges as a leader in taximeter technology, setting new standards with its OIML R21 Authentication. As the sole taximeter manufacturer in China to attain this accreditation in NMI, Howen Technologies is at the forefront of innovation, ensuring precision and quality in every measurement. Elevate your taximeter experience with  MDT, where excellence meets certification.

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