Howen Mobile NVR

Manufacturer: Howen Technologies
Mobile NVR

Howen Mobile NVR, developed by Howen Technologies, represents a paradigm shift in mobile network video recording. Boasting a compact design coupled with high cost performance, this device offers flexibility through seamless expansion via the Howen AI box, supporting advanced AI functions such as Facial Recognition (FR), Driver Monitoring System (DMS), and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Compact Design, High Cost Performance

Efficiency in Every Inch: Compact Design Howen MNVR stands out with its compact design, ensuring optimal performance in a space-efficient manner. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also facilitates easy integration into various vehicle setups.

Cost-Effective Excellence: High Performance The device is engineered for high cost performance, delivering exceptional value without compromising on functionality. Howen Technologies prioritizes efficiency, making Howen Mobile NVR an economical yet powerful solution for mobile network video recording.

AI Integration for Enhanced Capabilities

Seamless Expansion: Howen AI Box Integration Howen MNVR introduces a revolutionary concept with the integration of the Howen AI box. This allows for seamless expansion, unlocking advanced AI functionalities. From Facial Recognition to Driver Monitoring System and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, the device adapts to evolving needs, ensuring a future-ready solution.

Innovative Sleep Mode for Energy Efficiency

Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Innovative Sleep Mode One of the standout features is the Innovative Sleep mode, enabling ultra-low power consumption. This functionality is a game-changer, preserving the vehicle battery after ignition off. Howen MNVR not only records efficiently but also contributes to energy conservation.

Enhanced Hard Disk Case for Robust Performance

Redesigned for Excellence: Hard Disk Case Howen MNVR introduces a re-designed hard disk case, raising the bar for performance. This case not only accommodates 4TB disks but also significantly improves anti-vibration capabilities. The enhanced anti-vibration design ensures the safety of recordings, minimizing recording loss rates even in challenging road conditions.

Howen Mobile NVR, a product of Howen Technologies, combines innovation and efficiency for a superior mobile network video recording experience. With a focus on AI integration, energy efficiency, and robust hard disk performance, the device stands as a testament to Howen’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Conclusion: Howen Mobile NVR – Elevating Video Recording Standards

In conclusion, Howen Mobile NVR redefines video recording standards with its compact design, AI integration, energy-efficient sleep mode, and enhanced hard disk case. As a cost-effective solution by Howen Technologies, it brings efficiency to every aspect of mobile network video recording. Experience the future of video recording with Howen Mobile NVR, where innovation meets performance.