Topten TK510


The Topten TK510 GPS Vehicle tracker emerges as a cutting-edge and cost-effective solution, delivering superior vehicle security, real-time tracking, and efficient fleet management. Its standout features set it apart in the market.

Equipped with a camera for snapping and monitoring via MMS, email, or platform, the TK510 ensures enhanced surveillance capabilities. The RFID car alarm system with a long-distance tag provides an additional layer of security. Notably, the device includes alarms for crash incidents, fuel leakage, speed limits, and fatigue driving.

Key Functions of Topten TK510:

  1. Integration of GPS tracker with an RFID car alarm featuring a long-distance tag offers a comprehensive security solution.
  2. TK510 Optional Active RFID Driver ID identification adds an extra layer of driver-specific identification.
  3. Tracking flexibility is provided through options such as on command, by time interval, or by distance.
  4. Arming and disarming can be conveniently executed through SMS or phone call commands.
  5. TK510 Automatic arming and disarming by a 2.4G RFID tag (optional) contribute to hassle-free security management.
  6. Users can access the real physical address of their cars, including city and street names, ensuring precise location information.
  7. TK510 Mobile SMS tracking provides essential details like latitude, longitude, speed, direction, and odometer readings.
  8. The inclusion of an odometer function adds practicality by providing accurate distance tracking.

The TK510 GPS Vehicle tracker excels in delivering advanced functionalities with user friendly controls, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable vehicle security, real-time tracking, and efficient fleet management. Its diverse features, including a camera, RFID car alarm, and various tracking options, position it as a comprehensive and accessible solution in the market.

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