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Manufacturer: GPSBOX

GB140, the AIS-140 certified vehicle tracking device based on advanced GSM and GNSS technology which can be used in tracking, I/O applications, serial data, and real-time tracking with various Reports. Designed specifically for the Indian industry, it can be used in various industries such as logistics and transportation, taxi and cab aggregators, mining, school and employee transportation, etc.


The GPSBOX GB140, an AIS-140-certified vehicle tracking device, harnesses advanced GSM and GNSS technology. This device is for tracking, I/O applications, serial data, and real-time tracking with diverse reports. Specifically designed for the Indian industry, it finds application in logistics, transportation, taxi and cab aggregators, mining, school, and employee transportation.

Key Features of GPSBOX GB140:

  1. Real-time Tracking with GPS/Glonass: This feature ensures precise and immediate tracking capabilities.
  2. Multiple Input/Output Ports: The device offers flexibility with various input/output ports, enhancing its adaptability.
  3. 2 Way Communication: GPSBOX GB140 Facilitating easy communication for enhanced control and coordination.
  4. Emergency Button as per AIS 140: An integral safety feature aligning with AIS 140 standards.
  5. Internal + External (Optional) GNSS + GPS+GSM Antenna: Offering simple antenna options for optimized performance.
  6. Device Tampering Alert: Providing alerts against unauthorized interference, ensures device integrity.
  7. IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof: A robust design be sure resilience in challenging environmental conditions.
  8. Large Battery Backup: GPSBOX GB140 Extended battery life for extended and uninterrupted usage.
  9. Embedded Sim (Dual SIM Support): Dual SIM support for good connection and reliability.
  10. ICAT, ARAI Certified, and AIS 140 Approved Anti-Theft Device: Compliant with industry standards, be sure of reliability and authenticity.
  11. Emergency Response: Equipped to initiate rapid response mechanisms in emergency situations.
  12. Driver Behaviour Monitoring: Allows monitoring of driver behavior to increase safety and efficiency.
  13. Bluetooth OBD: Integrates Bluetooth OBD for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and monitoring.

The GPSBOX GB140 stands as a reliable choice, meeting AIS-140 certification standards and boasting a range of features. Its real-time tracking, multiple ports, communication capabilities, and compliance with safety standards make it a versatile solution for diverse industries. The device’s robust design, tampering alerts, and dustproof, waterproof features add to its appeal, ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions. The inclusion of advanced features like Bluetooth OBD and driver behavior monitoring further underscores its efficiency in addressing various tracking and monitoring needs.

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