Gosafe Proma Sat 911

Manufacturer: Gosafe
Gosafe Proma Sat 911

Gosafe Proma Sat 911, is a vehicle tracker that seamlessly operates in GPRS and SMS modes. The latest version is not only more compact but is also efficiently powered by a single battery. Adding to its capabilities, it features a smart motion sensor functioning within specified time intervals.

Effectively supervise your Gosafe Proma Sat 911 tracker using our GPS tracking software, ensuring optimal fleet tracking. Furthermore, simplify the configuration process of this Go safe device with straightforward steps on the Trakzee platform.

Let’s delve into the distinctive features that set the Proma Sat 911 apart:

  1. Remote Management via GPRS: Easily oversee and control your Proma Sat 911 with remote management capabilities through GPRS. This ensures real-time tracking and monitoring, enhancing the efficiency of fleet management.
  2. Remote Management via SMS: Opt for the convenience of remote management via SMS. This alternative method allows you to stay connected and in control, providing flexibility in how you handle and monitor your Proma Sat 911.
  3. Communication via TCP: Facilitating communication via TCP, the Proma Sat 911 ensures a reliable and secure connection. This feature contributes to a seamless exchange of information, adding another layer of efficiency to the tracking process.

In conclusion, the Proma Sat 911 stands out as a versatile and user-friendly vehicle tracker. With its compact design, single-battery power, and advanced features like the smart motion sensor, it offers a reliable solution for efficient fleet tracking. Simplify your tracking experience with the user-friendly Trakzee platform, ensuring that you can effortlessly manage and configure your Proma Sat 911 for optimal performance.

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