Gosafe G91S

Manufacturer: Gosafe

Introducing the G91S, a portable GPS/GLONASS tracker designed for fleet tracking with its IP6 waterproof housing. This tracker offers remote control via GPRS and SMS.

Let’s explore the notable features of the Gosafe G91S:

  1. Versatile Application: Tailored for light vehicles like taxis and car rentals, the G91S is a portable GPS/GLONASS tracker.
  2. Effortless Installation: Simplifying setup with just a few lines, the G91S ensures easy and hassle-free installation.
  3. Battery Backup: Equipped with an internal battery, the G91S acts as a backup in the absence of a direct electric current source.
  4. Remote Shutdown Option: Providing added control, the G91S features an option to connect outputs for remote shutdown.
  5. Comprehensive Information Reporting: The information provided includes location, vehicle status, battery percentage, and speed for a detailed overview.
  6. Certified Quality: Hold confidence in the G91S as it is CE/FCC certified, adhering to industry standards for quality and safety.
  7. Reliable 2G Connectivity: With 2G connectivity, the G91S ensures reliable communication and tracking capabilities.
  8. Analog Connections Instead of Sensors: While lacking access to sensors, the G91S supports analog connections, enhancing its functionality.
  9. Durable Waterproof Casing: The G91S boasts a durable and waterproof IP6 class casing, ensuring robust protection against environmental conditions.
  10. External Antennas for Enhanced Signal Reception: Equipped with external GPS/GLONASS and GPR antennas, it ensures optimal signal reception for accurate tracking.
  11. Odometer Functionality: The G91S includes an odometer, offering valuable mileage information for effective vehicle management.
  12. Intelligent Energy Consumption: Incorporating an intelligent energy consumption system, the G91S optimizes power usage for prolonged operation.

In conclusion, the Gosafe G91S stands out as a reliable and versatile tracker, excelling in fleet tracking applications. With its user-friendly installation, robust features, and certifications ensuring quality, the G91S is well-suited for the tracking needs of light vehicles, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient and secure fleet management.

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