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Gosafe G91I

Manufacturer: Gosafe

GoSafe G91i, is a highly portable GPS/GLONASS tracker for vehicles. Encased in a robust, waterproof (IP6 class) housing, it serves both fleet management and personal needs efficiently.

Ideal for various applications, this device facilitates remote control through GPRS and SMS. The convenience extends further with built-in features like an odometer, internal backup battery, and an intelligent power consumption system.

Notably, the G91i boasts advanced functionalities, including comprehensive zone management to safeguard against car theft. Additionally, it incorporates a progressive immobilizer, contributing to enhanced control over the driver’s behavior.

Now, let’s delve into the standout features that set the GoSafe Systems G91i apart:

  1. ADC Sensors: The G91i comes equipped with ADC sensors, ensuring accurate and reliable data acquisition. This feature enhances the device’s overall performance, making it a valuable asset for any user.
  2. Camera Connection: Offering versatility, the G91i allows seamless integration with cameras. This opens up possibilities for enhanced surveillance and monitoring capabilities, adding an extra layer of security.
  3. Remote Management via GPRS: Experience the convenience of remote management through GPRS. This feature empowers users to have real-time control and monitoring, enhancing the overall efficiency of fleet management or personal tracking.
  4. Digital Sensors: Digital sensors play a crucial role in providing precise information. The inclusion of digital sensors in the G91i ensures that users receive accurate and timely data, contributing to a seamless tracking experience.
  5. SMS Sending of Data: The G91i facilitates the sending of data via SMS, ensuring that users stay informed even in situations where GPRS connectivity might be limited. This feature adds an extra layer of reliability to the device.
  6. Remote Management via SMS: For users preferring SMS communication, the G91i offers remote management capabilities through this channel. This dual-option approach ensures that users can choose the method that best aligns with their preferences and circumstances.

In conclusion, the GoSafe Systems G91i stands out as a reliable and versatile GPS/GLONASS tracker, catering to diverse needs with its robust design and advanced features. Whether for fleet management or personal use, this device ensures effective control and monitoring, making it a valuable asset in today’s dynamic environments.

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