Gosafe G797

Manufacturer: Gosafe
Gosafe G797

The Gosafe G797, with its integrated hardware, ensures the device’s reliability, making it ideal for insurance telematics applications. Its commendable performance on GPS platforms, utilizing advanced accelerometers for accident reconstruction, aids insurers and law enforcement in addressing disputes effectively.

Designed for insurance telematics, large fleets, and leasing or rental companies, the G797 OBD2 GPS Tracker boasts essential features such as a 3D accelerometer for precise acceleration measurement and vehicle orientation, OBDII & J1939 protocols, and geo-fence management.

Key Features of Gosafe G797:

  1. OBDII & J1939 Tracking and Telemetry Device:
    • Equipped with OBDII & J1939 protocols, providing compatibility and easy integration with various vehicle systems.
  2. 2G GSM (3G and LTE Optional):
    • Supports 2G GSM connectivity, with optional 3G and LTE versions available for increase network capabilities.
  3. 3D Accelerometer (Self Calibrating):
    • Utilizes a 3D accelerometer for accurate acceleration measurement, providing precise tracking and monitoring.
  4. Gyroscope Incorporated:
    • Features an incorporated gyroscope, enhancing stability and orientation detection for comprehensive vehicle tracking.
  5. Automatic or Manual Protocol Adaption:
    • Offers the flexibility of automatic or manual protocol adaptation, accommodating different vehicle communication standards.
  6. Geo-Fence Management:
    • Facilitates geo-fence management, giving users to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts when the vehicle enters or exits defined areas.
  7. Driver Behavior Monitoring:
    • Monitors driver behavior, providing insights into driving habits and promoting safe practices on the road.

Additional Features of Gosafe G797:

  1. Alert for FNOL (First Notice Of Loss):
    • Includes an alert system for First Notice Of Loss (FNOL), assisting insurers in prompt response to potential claims.
  2. Speeding Alerts:
    • Issues alerts for speeding incidents, contributing to safer driving practices and potential risk reduction.
  3. Built-In GPS & GSM Antenna:
    • Integrates a built-in GPS and GSM antenna, simplifying installation and providing optimal signal reception.
  4. Insertable or Embedded SIM:
    • Offers the flexibility of using insertable or embedded SIM cards, catering to different user preferences and requirements.
  5. GICUS Remote Config & Update:
    • Features GICUS for remote configuration and updates, providing the device stays current with the latest changes.
  6. Multi-Source Odometer Accumulation:
    • Provides multi-source odometer accumulation, enabling accurate tracking of vehicle mileage from various sources.
  7. VIN Number Extraction:
    • Extracts VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for precise identification and tracking of individual vehicles.
  8. LTE Version Available:
    • Offers an LTE version for users seeking advanced and high speed connection options.

The Gosafe G797 is a good and reliable OBD2 GPS Tracker, suitable for various applications, providing essential features for efficient insurance telematics, fleet management, and vehicle monitoring.