Gosafe G777

Manufacturer: Gosafe

The Gosafe G777 boasts a cutting-edge alert system featuring adaptable programming rules. This sophisticated engine diligently monitors various conditions, supporting user-defined exception-based rules. This ensures the alignment of your application with specific needs. Constantly vigilant, the G777 keeps tabs on vehicle status, promptly responding to predefined thresholds related to time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, speed, and other event combinations.

Let’s explore the diverse features that make the Gosafe G777 stand out:

  1. Car Crash: The G777 promptly alerts in the event of a car crash, prioritizing safety through instant notifications.
  2. Deviation from the Route: Detect any deviations from the planned route, providing efficient monitoring of vehicle movement.
  3. Distance Between Objects: This feature gauges the distance between objects, increasing precision in tracking and management.
  4. Engine Excessive Idling: Monitor and receive alerts for instances of excessive engine idling, promoting fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact.
  5. Entrance or Exit from Geofence: Stay informed about vehicle entry or exit from designated geofenced areas, optimizing security measures.
  6. Excessive Driving: Receive alerts for prolonged periods of excessive driving, promoting responsible vehicle usage.
  7. Excessive Parking: Monitor and receive notifications for instances of prolonged and unnecessary parking.
  8. External Power Cut: Get notified in case of an external power cut, providing uninterrupted tracking and security.
  9. GSM Jamming: Stay aware of GSM jamming attempts, providing the reliability of communication and tracking systems.

Advance Features of Gosafe G777:

  1. Harsh Driving: Receive alerts for instances of harsh driving, promoting safe and responsible behavior on the road.
  2. Inputs Triggering: Stay informed about various inputs triggering, providing a comprehensive understanding of vehicle conditions.
  3. Low Battery: Receive timely alerts for low battery levels, providing continuous functionality of the tracking device.
  4. Parameter in Range: Monitor if parameters are within the defined range, providing optimal vehicle performance.
  5. Parking State Detection: Detect the parking state of the vehicle, offering insights into its current status.
  6. Speeding (Platform Related): Receive alerts for speeding violations, promoting adherence to speed limits for safety.
  7. Task Status Change: Stay updated on changes in task status, providing efficient task management.
  8. Tracker Switched OFF or Lost Connection: Get instant alerts if the tracker is switched off or loses connection, providing continuous tracking.
  9. Unauthorized Movement: Receive notifications for any unauthorized movement, enhancing security measures.

In summary, the G777 excels as a comprehensive and responsive tracking solution, providing the safety, efficiency, and security of your vehicle operations.