Gosafe G717

Manufacturer: Gosafe

The GoSafe G717 is more than a stylish gadget; it’s incredibly easy to install and ensures reliable performance with essential vehicle tracking features and sometimes even more.

Designed as a cigarette lighter GPS tracker, it’s suitable for any vehicle with a cigar lighter charger. The installation process is a breeze, simply connecting to the car lighter.

This device supports 2G, 3G, and LTE technology, ensuring compatibility with various networks. Its rich set of event monitoring features adds an extra layer of functionality for enhanced tracking.

Key Features of Gosafe G717:

  1. 16G G-Force Sensor:
    • Equipped with a 16G G-force sensor for accurate monitoring of acceleration forces, increasing tracking precision.
  2. 2G/3G Modem Versions:
    • Offers both 2G and 3G modem versions, providing flexibility in connectivity based on network availability.
  3. G717 Accident Detection:
    • Features like accident detection capabilities and prompt alerts in the event of a collision or impact.
  4. AGPS 50 Channel High Sensitive Module:
    • Utilizes a 50-channel high-sensitive AGPS module for improved accuracy in location tracking.
  5. G717 Geo-Fence Management:
    • Facilitates geo-fence management, allowing users to define virtual boundaries and receive alerts when breached.
  6. Intelligent Power Management:
    • Incorporates intelligent power management for optimized energy usage, extending the device’s operational life.
  7. G717 Internal Backup Battery:
    • Includes an internal backup battery to ensure continuous tracking, even in the absence of the vehicle’s power source.
  8. IP or Domain Configuration:
    • Offers the flexibility of IP or domain configuration, making it adaptable to different network setups.
  9. G717 Over Speed Management:
    • Further, it provides over speed management features, sending alerts when the vehicle exceeds predefined speed limits.
  10. Plug N Play:
    • Designed with a plug and play interface, simplifying the installation process for user convenience.
  11. Quad Band GSM Modem (Telit/Cinterion):
    • Supports a quad band GSM modem, ensuring compatibility with various GSM networks like Telit and Cinterion.
  12. Real-Time GPS Tracking:
    • Moreover, it enables real-time GPS tracking, allowing users to monitor the vehicle’s location with up-to-the-minute accuracy.
  13. TCP and SMS Support:
    • Lastly, it supports both TCP and SMS communication for versatile and reliable data transmission.

The GoSafe G717 stands out as a user-friendly and efficient vehicle tracker, combining ease of use with a robust set of features for comprehensive monitoring.

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