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Gosafe G6S

Manufacturer: Gosafe

The Gosafe G6S GPS fleet tracking device caters to service providers, integrators, and enterprise clients, enhancing mobile resources and optimizing dispatch systems. This reliable LTE CAT-1 and 2G GPS tracker delivers essential features, meeting the diverse needs of fleet management and more.

Equipped with LTE CAT-1 and 2G worldwide connectivity, the G616 ensures seamless communication across various regions. Its RS232 serial port and 1-Wire® interface enhance versatility, while the presence of 200 hardware-based geo-fences allows precise monitoring and control. Furthermore, it captures driving behavior and crash data up to 100Hz with a 4Hz GPS update, ensuring comprehensive insights.

Let’s explore the key features that set the Gosafe G6S apart:

  1. 1-Wire® Interface: The G616 offers a 1-Wire® interface, providing a seamless connection for enhanced functionality and compatibility with various devices.
  2. 28 Day/Time/Speed Based Geo-Fences: Customize geo-fencing with the flexibility of day, time, and speed-based parameters, ensuring tailored monitoring.
  3. LTE CAT-1 and 2G: Benefit from reliable LTE CAT-1 and 2G connectivity, enabling the G616 to operate efficiently across global networks.
  4. G6S Configurable Inputs & Outputs: Enjoy flexibility with configurable inputs and outputs, allowing users to adapt the device.
  5. Flexible Programming Rules: The G616 facilitates flexible programming rules, allowing users to customize settings based on their unique requirements.
  6. G6S FOTA (Firmware Update OTA): Keep the device up-to-date effortlessly with Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates, ensuring optimal performance and feature enhancements.
  7. RS232 Serial Port: The inclusion of an RS232 serial port adds to the device’s versatility, enabling seamless connectivity.

Advanced features of Gosafe G6S:

  1. Internal Backup Battery: Ensure continuous functionality with the internal backup battery, providing a reliable power source in case of external power interruptions.
  2. G6S Multiple Data Upload Modes: The G616 supports multiple data upload modes, allowing users to choose the most suitable method for their data transmission.
  3. BLE 4.2 for Sensors: Incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.2, the G616 enhances sensor connectivity.
  4. HDOP for Precise Location: Benefit from precise location tracking with the inclusion of HDOP (Horizontal Dilution of Precision) technology.
  5. G6S Intelligent Power Management: The G616 features intelligent power management, optimizing energy usage for prolonged device operation.
  6. Multiple Inputs and Outputs: Enjoy enhanced functionality with multiple inputs and outputs, providing versatility for various applications.
  7. G6S Over Speed Management: Ensure safe driving practices with over-speed management, alerting users to instances of excessive speed.
  8. Crash Data: Moreover, it captures valuable crash data, providing insights into incidents and facilitating post-event analysis.

In conclusion, the G616 GPS fleet tracking device emerges as a versatile and dependable solution, catering to diverse needs.

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