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Gosafe G3S

Manufacturer: Gosafe

The Gosafe G3S is a next-generation vehicle and asset tracking device designed for maximum autonomy and user-friendliness. Its purpose is to safeguard and trace items like containers, caravans, fixed plants, construction equipment, inshore boats, and truck trailers. Additionally, it’s suitable for temporary tracking of vehicles for consignment purposes and covert “slap and track” operations.

Let’s delve into the comprehensive features of the Gosafe G3S:

  1. G3S Versatile Application: The G3S is a cutting-edge tracking device tailored for vehicles and assets, providing maximum autonomy and ease of use.
  2. Diverse Use Cases: Ideal for safeguarding various items, the G3S serves purposes ranging from tracking containers and caravans to construction equipment and truck trailers.
  3. G3S Temporary Tracking for Consignment: Offering flexibility, the G3S facilitates temporary tracking for consignment purposes, enhancing the efficiency of logistics and transportation.
  4. Covert “Slap and Track” Operations: The G3S is adept at covert operations with its “slap and track” capability, providing discreet tracking for enhanced security measures.

Now, let’s explore the features that make the Gosafe G3S a standout choice:

  1. G3S Car Crash Detection: The G3S promptly alerts in the event of a car crash, prioritizing safety through instant notifications.
  2. Deviation from the Route: Detect any deviations from the planned route, providing efficient monitoring of vehicle movement.
  3. Distance Between Objects: This feature gauges the distance between objects, giving better tracking and management.
  4. Engine Excessive Idling: Monitor and receive alerts for instances of excessive engine idling, promoting fuel efficiency and reducing environmental impact.
  5. Entrance or Exit from Geofence: Stay informed about vehicle entry or exit from designated geofenced areas, optimizing security measures.
  6. G3S Excessive Driving: Receive alerts for prolonged periods of excessive driving, promoting responsible vehicle usage.
  7. Excessive Parking: Monitor and receive notifications for instances of prolonged and unnecessary parking.
  8. G3S External Power Cut Detection: Get notified in case of an external power cut, providing uninterrupted tracking and security.
  9. G3S Fuel Level Change Monitoring: Keep track of fuel level changes, providing insights into consumption patterns and potential discrepancies.
  10. GSM Jamming Alerts: Stay aware of GSM jamming attempts, providing the reliability of communication and tracking systems.

In conclusion, the G3S stands out as a perfect and user friendly tracking solution, addressing diverse tracking needs for vehicles and assets. With its advanced features and adaptability for various applications, it offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and secure tracking operations.

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