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Gosafe G1RUS

Manufacturer: Gosafe

Gosafe G1RUS stands out as a long-lasting GPS tracker with a distinctive design and flexible power options, allowing users to opt for replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Powered by CR123 replaceable batteries with a total capacity of 6000mAh, it can efficiently send messages for up to three years. Moreover, G1RUS accommodates rechargeable batteries and features a design that enables charging via an external power connector.

Key Features of Gosafe G1RUS:

  1. 6000mAh Replaceable Battery:
    • Equipped with a replaceable 6000mAh battery, offering extended usage with the option for easy battery replacement.
  2. 5000mAh Rechargeable Batteries (Optional):
    • Provides the flexibility of using rechargeable batteries, with an optional 5000mAh capacity, for sustainable and eco-friendly power.
  3. G1RUS Highly Sensitive GPS:
    • Utilizes a highly sensitive GPS system, providing accurate and reliable location tracking for various applications.
  4. G1RUS Quad Band GSM Modem:
    • Features a quad band GSM modem, facilitating communication across different GSM networks for easy connectivity.
  5. 3G Modem (Optional):
    • Offers the option for a 3G modem, enhancing data transmission speed and efficiency for real time tracking.
  6. LTE CAT-1 (Optional):
    • Optional LTE CAT-1 support for high speed and reliable data connection.
  7. FOTA (Firmware Update OTA):
    • Incorporates Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) update capability, enabling convenient remote firmware updates for improved functionality.
  8. G1RUS Flexible Programming Rules:
    • Allows users to set up flexible programming rules to tailor the device’s behavior according to specific needs.
  9. HDOP/VDOP for Precise Location:
    • Utilizes HDOP/VDOP parameters for precise location accuracy, providing reliable tracking results.
  10. G1RUS Multiple Data Upload Modes:
    • Provides various data upload modes, allowing users to choose the most suitable method based on their tracking requirements.
  11. Intelligent Power Management:
    • Features intelligent power management to optimize energy usage, prolonging the device’s operational life.
  12. Configurable Inputs & Outputs:
    • Offers configurable inputs and outputs, providing customization options for diverse applications.
  13. G1RUS Conditional-Based Profiles:
    • Allows users to set up profiles based on specific conditions, increasing the adaptability of the device.
  14. 28 Day, Time & Speed-Based Geo-Fence:
    • Supports Geo-Fencing with options for a 28-day, time based, or speed based configuration for effective boundary management.
  15. 128 Waypoints for Delivery Management:
    • Includes 128 waypoints to facilitate efficient delivery management and logistics tracking.

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