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Gosafe G1C Mini

Manufacturer: Gosafe

The Gosafe G1C Mini, the smallest IP65 GPS tracker, is perfect for moto and fleet tracking. Its compact design, featuring a highly sensitive built-in antenna, allows versatile installation. With 3 directional accelerometers, it ensures continuous online connectivity without time restrictions. The G1C Mini supports GPRS and SMS commands, providing control through time intervals and change course-based upload modes.

Key Features of Gosafe G1C Mini:

  1. AGPS 50 Channel High Sensitive GPS:
    • Utilizes AGPS technology with a 50-channel high-sensitive GPS for accurate and reliable positioning.
  2. Ignition Input & Starter Block:
    • Supports ignition input and starter block features, enhancing security and control over the vehicle.
  3. G1C Mini Builtin GSM & GPS Antenna:
    • Incorporates a built-in GSM and GPS antenna for streamlined and efficient communication.
  4. Change Course and Time Upload Modes:
    • Offers flexibility with change course and time upload modes, allowing customization based on specific needs.
  5. G1C Mini Quad Band GSM Modem:
    • Equipped with a quad-band GSM modem, ensuring broad coverage and reliable communication.
  6. Geo-Fence Management:
    • Facilitates geo-fence management, enabling users to set virtual boundaries and receive alerts as needed.
  7. G1C Mini Smallest Fleet Management GPS Tracker:
    • Stands out as the smallest GPS tracker for fleet management, providing a compact and efficient tracking solution.
  8. G1C Mini Low Power Consumption:
    • Demonstrates low power consumption, ensuring prolonged device operation without frequent recharging.
  9. Water Resistant IP65 Design:
    • Boasts a water-resistant IP65 design, increase durability and performance in various environmental conditions.

The G1C Mini combines its small form factor with advanced features, making it an ideal choice for moto tracking and fleet management. Its versatility, precise GPS technology, and user-friendly design cater to the diverse needs of users seeking an efficient and reliable tracking solution.

The G1C Mini is the smallest in size IP65 GPS Tracker that is an ideal device for Moto Tracking and Fleet Tracking designed with the highly sensitive built-in antenna to install it virtually anywhere.

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