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Gosafe G1A-LB

Manufacturer: Gosafe

Gosafe G1A-LB – G1A-Lite and G1A-Extreme serve as portable positioning terminals tailored for vehicle and asset management, supporting GPS, Beidou, WiFi, and LBS for precise location tracking. These intelligently designed devices feature five tracking modes, providing a balance between accuracy and battery life. Users can effortlessly switch between modes to optimize usage based on their specific requirements.

Key Features of Gosafe G1A-LB:

  1. 3000 or 10000 mAh Battery:
    • Equipped with a powerful battery, providing users with a choice between a 3000mAh or 10000mAh capacity for extended usage.
  2. Long Battery Life:
    • The devices boast long battery life, providing sustained operation over an extended period with a single charge.
  3. Highly Sensitive GPS:
    • Utilizes highly sensitive GPS technology, enhancing the accuracy of location tracking for reliable results.
  4. Quad Band GSM Modem:
    • Features a quad-band GSM modem, facilitating connection across various GSM networks for seamless communication.
  5. LTE CAT-1:
    • Supports LTE CAT-1 technology, providing efficient and high speed data transmission for real-time tracking.
  6. Multiple Data Upload Modes:
    • Offers multiple data upload modes, allowing users to choose the most suitable method for their specific tracking needs.
  7. FOTA (Firmware Update OTA):
    • Incorporates Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update capability, enabling convenient and remote firmware updates for improved functionality.
  8. Intelligent Power Management:
    • Features intelligent power management, optimizing energy usage to extend the device’s operational life.
  9. WiFi Location:
    • Utilizes WiFi location technology to enhance positioning accuracy, especially in areas with available WiFi networks.

The G1A-Lite and G1A-Extreme stand out as perfect and user friendly solutions for vehicle and asset management. With a focus on precise positioning and extended battery life, these devices cater to diverse tracking needs while offering the flexibility of multiple tracking modes.

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