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Fleet Dash Cam V5

Manufacturer: Yuwei
Yuwei Dash cam V5

The Smart Fleet Dash Cam V5 revolutionizes the way we think about car surveillance with its advanced 4G Dash Camera technology. This device is a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance the safety and security of their vehicle.

First off, this cutting-edge camera system doesn’t just focus on the road ahead; it also keeps an eye on what’s happening behind your vehicle. It can connect up to four cameras at once, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Plus, it records both audio and video in real-time, capturing every detail of your drive. To store all this data, the V5 uses two TF cards, providing ample space for your recordings.

One of the standout features of the V5 is its global 4G network connectivity. This allows for the live streaming of video, making sure you can always see what’s happening, no matter where you are. Additionally, its GPS/BDS positioning is incredibly precise, offering accurate tracking of your vehicle’s location.

But that’s not all. The V5 takes safety to the next level with its built-in active safety algorithms, including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring). These features are perfect for a wide range of vehicles, from ride-sharing cars and taxis to logistics and official vehicles, providing an extra layer of security.

Let’s dive into some of its remarkable features:

  • The V5 comes with an integrated positioning module and antenna, supporting both GPS and BDS for top-notch positioning.
  • Its communication module and antenna enable worldwide 4G connectivity, and it even supports SMS commands for added convenience.
  • The camera system includes a crystal-clear 1080P HD camera for the dashboard and can connect to three additional 720P HD cameras for comprehensive coverage.
  • It has an impressive storage capacity, supporting up to 2*2TB TF cards for all your video recording needs.
  • The V5 is equipped with ADAS and DSM functions to help keep the driver safe on the road.
  • Advanced features like face recognition, mask detection, and people counting are also part of this powerful device.
  • Lastly, it includes a USB interface for easy export of driving records.

In summary, the Smart Dash Cam V5 offers a blend of advanced surveillance, safety features, and easy connectivity, making it an ideal choice for enhancing vehicle security and monitoring.

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