Fifotrack S30

Manufacturer: Fifotrack

S30 is a model that is suitable for vehicles, motorcycles, boats, asset tracking, etc.
Support original fuel sensor solutions, temperature sensors, and ibuttons.
The power input range is 8-92V with an industrial design.
Internal GPS/GSM antennas, IP66 waterproof, 2 digital input, 1 analog input, and 1 output.
S30 uses Own FIFOTRACK A01 GPRS PROTOCOL which is simple and practical, this enables the customers to integrate the protocol into their own platform efficiently.
S30 is being offered 2 years warranty to customers.


The S30 model is versatile, suitable for tracking vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and various assets. It supports original fuel sensor solutions, temperature sensors, and iButton technology. With an industrial design, it accepts a power input range of 8-92V. The device features internal GPS/GSM antennas, IP66 waterproofing, and includes 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input, and 1 output. Utilizing the Own FIFOTRACK A01 GPRS PROTOCOL, S30 offers a simple and practical solution, allowing seamless integration into customers’ platforms. Additionally, it comes with a generous 2-year warranty.

Product Highlights of Fifotrack S30:

  • Broad Power Input Range for Various Vehicles: The S30 stands out with its broad power input range of 8-92V, making it suitable for a spectrum of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and electric bikes. This adaptability ensures users can employ the device across different types of vehicles.
  • Durability and Reliability: With an IP66 waterproof rating and internal GPS/GSM antenna, the S30 prioritizes durability and reliability. This ensures the device can endure challenging conditions, maintaining consistent performance over an extended period.
  • Robust Hardware and Protection Design: The S30 incorporates a robust hardware power system and protection design. This proactive approach eliminates concerns about device burning, enhancing the overall safety and longevity of the device.
  • Extended Lifespan for Rental Scenarios: Known for its extended endurance lifespan, the S30 emerges as a durable option, especially beneficial for those renting trackers to customers. Its longevity contributes to a more cost-effective and sustainable tracking solution.
  • Enhanced Security Features: The S30 includes a fuel theft/filling alert feature, support security measures. This functionality adds an extra layer of protection, alerting users to potential fuel related incidents and unauthorized access.
  • Versatile Sensor Support: Supporting iButton and temperature sensors, the S30 enhances its functionality. This allows users to gather additional data, expanding the device’s utility beyond basic tracking, and providing valuable insights into specific aspects of vehicle operation.
  • Seamless Integration with Original Fuel Sensor: The S30 offers seamless integration with the vehicle’s original fuel sensor. This eliminates the need for an external fuel gauge, simplifying the installation process and ensuring compatibility with the vehicle’s existing systems.


In conclusion, the S30 excels as a versatile and durable tracking solution with a broad range of features. Its adaptability to various vehicles, robust construction, efficient communication protocol, and warranty assurance make it a reliable choice for users seeking comprehensive tracking capabilities. The device’s focus on durability, extended life, and better security features further contribute to its appeal, making it suitable for a wide array of tracking applications.

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