Fifotrack A300

Manufacturer: Fifotrack
Fifotrack A300

Product Description: The Fifotrack A300 stands as an advanced model, catering to diverse needs such as fleet management, public transportation, school buses, taxis, insurance, car rentals, and private car antitheft. Offering versatility, A300 supports RS232 and 1-Wire protocol, empowering it with features like image capture, driver identification, impulse detection, and temperature monitoring.

Advanced Functions: Beyond these capabilities, A300 fulfills essential vehicle tracking needs. It covers fuel monitoring, harsh acceleration/braking alerts, driving behavior analysis, custom digital inputs, jamming detection, two-way calling, and OTA functions. The device employs its proprietary FIFOTRACK GPRS PROTOCOL, ensuring a simple and practical approach for efficient integration into customers’ platforms.

Product Highlights of Fifotrack A300:

  • Versatility in One Tracker: A300 stands out with its multifunctionality, addressing a range of tracking and management.
  • Image Capture Capability: Supporting a camera for image capture enhances the device’s functionality, providing visual insights into the vehicle’s surroundings.
  • Driver Management with RFID: The inclusion of RFID support facilitates efficient driver management, enhancing security and accountability.
  • iButton Reader Integration: The iButton reader feature adds an extra layer of identification and access control, contributing to comprehensive security measures.
  • Fingerprint Scanner Support: A300 goes further by supporting a fingerprint scanner, offering an advanced and secure means of driver identification.
  • Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor: The device incorporates an ultrasonic fuel sensor, providing accurate fuel level monitoring and triggering alerts for fuel theft or filling.
  • Temperature Sensor Functionality: A300 supports a temperature sensor, extending its utility to temperature-sensitive cargo tracking and monitoring.
  • Security Alerts: The device features a fuel theft/filling alert system, adding a crucial layer of security.
  • Over Speeding Reminder: A built-in buzzer reminds users of over speeding, promoting safer driving practices and compliance with speed limits.
  • Two-Way Communication: With microphone and speaker support, A300 facilitates two-way communication, allowing interaction between the vehicle and the monitoring center.
  • Robust Hardware Design: A300 boasts a robust hardware power system and protection design, eliminating concerns about device burning.
  • Extended Lifespan: Recognized for its longevity, A300 presents itself as one of the durable options on the market. This makes it particularly suitable for customers involved in renting trackers to others.

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