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Fifotrack A100

Manufacturer: Fifotrack
Fifotrack A100

Product Description:

The Fifotrack A100 emerges as a versatile model, serving diverse purposes like fleet, public transportation, school buses, taxis, insurance, rentals, and private car antitheft. Adaptable and user-centric, the A100 easily integrates with various sensors, collecting specific data tailored to customers’ needs. Core features include harsh acceleration/braking alerts, driving behavior analysis, custom digital input, jamming detection, two-way calling, and OTA capabilities.

Advanced Functions:

Fifotrack A100 stands out by offering advanced functionality while meeting users’ fundamental demands. Its versatility extends to integration with different sensors, ensuring flexibility and customization based on specific requirements. Core functions include harsh acceleration/braking alerts, driving behavior analysis, custom digital input, jamming detection, two-way calling, and OTA capabilities.

Integration Protocols:

Fifotrack A100 utilizes its proprietary FIFOTRACK GPRS PROTOCOL, simplifying and streamlining integration for customers onto their platforms. Moreover, A100 supports the BOFAN protocol, ensuring compatibility with the BOFAN FMS tracking platform. This dual-protocol support enhances the device’s versatility, allowing users to choose a platform that suits their preferences.

Product Highlights of Fifotrack A100:

  • BOFAN Protocol Compatibility: The A100 device stands out by supporting the BOFAN protocol, making it compatible with the BOFAN FMS tracking platform. This flexibility enhances user options and platform choices.
  • Robust Hardware Design: Boasting a reliable hardware power system and protection design, A100 eliminates concerns related to device burning. This ensures consistent performance and reliability over an extended period.
  • Extended Lifespan: Recognized for its long life, the A100 emerges as one of the most durable options in the market. This long life is particularly beneficial for customers involved in renting trackers to others, ensuring long-term value.
  • Security Alert Features: A100 prioritizes security with a fuel theft/filling alert system, notifying users of unauthorized fuel-related incidents. This feature adds a critical layer of protection to safeguard valuable resources.
  • Over Speeding Reminder: The device includes an over speeding buzzer reminder, encouraging safer driving practices and compliance with speed limits. This proactive feature contributes to improved road safety.
  • Two-Way Communication Support: A100 facilitates communication with built-in microphone and speaker support for two-way communication. This feature enhances interaction between the vehicle and the monitoring center, giving efficient communication.

In summary, the Fifotrack A100 proves itself as a versatile and user-friendly tracking solution. Its adaptability to various applications, support for different sensors, integration protocols, robust hardware design, and emphasis on security make it a reliable choice for users with diverse tracking needs. The dual-protocol support further enhances its appeal, providing users with flexibility in choosing tracking platforms.

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