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Eview EV 07S

Manufacturer: Eview

Eview EV 07S, is a compact IPx5 waterproof GPS tracker designed for various supervision needs, including children, elderly individuals, patients, and lone workers.

Key features that make the Eview EV 07S a standout device:

  1. Fall-Down Alarm: The device includes a fall-down alarm, particularly beneficial for children, the elderly, and patients, ensuring prompt assistance.
  2. Built-in Vibration Sensor: Incorporating a built-in vibration sensor enhances the tracker’s sensitivity, detecting subtle movements for accurate monitoring.
  3. Rechargeable 900mAh Battery: The EV-07S features a rechargeable 900mAh battery, providing extended usage and minimizing the need for frequent recharging.
  4. Built-in 3D G-Sensor: A built-in 3D G-sensor ensures efficient motion detection, activating the shock alarm for added security.
  5. Power Management for Prolonged Use: Efficient power management is a priority, extending the device’s battery life and reducing the frequency of recharging.

Additional Features of Eview EV 07S:

  1. Voice Monitoring: The EV-07S allows voice monitoring, providing users with the ability to listen in for added supervision and security.
  2. Two-Way Voice Communication: Enjoy seamless two-way voice communication, fostering effective interaction and quick response in various situations.
  3. SOS: The inclusion of an SOS emergency button enables users to summon immediate assistance, enhancing the device’s emergency response capabilities.
  4. Geofencing: Geofencing capabilities allow users to set boundaries, receive alerts if the tracker moves beyond the defined area.
  5. Overspeeding: The device features overspeeding and movement alarms, ensuring timely notifications in case of abnormal speed or unexpected movements.

In summary, the Eview EV-07S stands as a versatile and user-friendly GPS tracker, offering a range of features such as fall-down alarm, vibration sensor, rechargeable battery, 3D G-sensor, power management, voice monitoring, two-way communication, SOS button, geofencing, overspeeding alarm, and movement alerts. These features collectively contribute to comprehensive supervision and safety in various scenarios.