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Eview EV 201

Manufacturer: Eview

The Eview EV 201, a GPS/GSM device attaching to your pet’s collar, creating a safe zone around your home. Receive instant text and email alerts if your pet leaves. Leverage GPS, GSM, and BLE 4.0 to track and bring them back safely. This Pet GPS tracker ensures you can locate your dog, cat, or any pet anytime, anywhere.

Let’s explore the features that set the Eview EV 201 apart:

  1. Advanced Connectivity: EV-201 boasts 4G LTE-M/NB technology, ensuring reliable and fast connectivity for effective pet tracking.
  2. Precision GPS Tracking: Utilize GPS tracking to pinpoint your pet’s location accurately, allowing you to monitor their movements with confidence.
  3. Waterproof Design: With an IP67 waterproof rating, the EV-201 is equipped to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability and functionality.
  4. Activity Monitoring: Stay informed about your pet’s activity levels, providing valuable insights into their health and well-being.
  5. Location History Tracking: Access the location history feature to review your pet’s movements over time, enhancing overall tracking capabilities.
  6. Low Battery Alert: Receive alerts when the device’s battery is running low, ensuring continuous and reliable pet tracking.
  7. Live Tracking Functionality: Benefit from live tracking, allowing you to monitor your pet’s real-time location and intervene promptly if needed.
  8. Geo Fence Alert System: Set up a Geo Fence around your home, receiving alerts when your pet leaves the designated safe zone.
  9. Long-lasting Performance: The EV-201M model ensures extended usage, lasting up to 5-7 days with proper setup and battery learning.
  10. LED Indicator: The device features an LED indicator for added visibility, making it easier to track your pet’s status.
  11. No Motion Alert: Stay informed with a no-motion alert, ensuring you’re aware of any unusual or inactive behavior from your pet.

In summary, the EV-201 stands as a reliable and user-friendly solution for pet owners, offering advanced features for effective tracking and monitoring. With its waterproof design, precise GPS tracking, and long-lasting performance, the EV-201 ensures you can keep a close eye on your beloved pets, providing peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

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