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Eview EV 05

Manufacturer: Eview

Eview EV 05, a GPS wristwatch designed for the elderly, dementia patients, and lone workers, packs essential features.

Discover the key features that make the EV 05 a reliable companion:

  1. 4G Connectivity for Seamless Coverage: Supporting various 4G bands, the watch ensures continuous coverage and easy falls back to 3G/2G when 4G is unavailable.
  2. Heart Rate Detection: Measure the wearer’s heart rate, send notifications when abnormal values are detected, and prioritize health monitoring.
  3. SOS Alarm: A single button activates the SOS alarm, providing a straightforward and simple way to seek immediate assistance.
  4. Smart Voice Prompts for Enhanced Communication: Smart voice prompts for alarms and messages enhance reliability and user understanding, giving effective communication.
  5. Highly Sensitive Fall Alarm: The highly sensitive fall detector ensures a 70+% accuracy in reporting potential dangers, prioritizing user safety.
  6. No Motion Alarm for Abnormal Situations: Detect no motion for an extended period, receiving notifications to check and ensure the wearer’s safety in potentially abnormal situations.

Additional Features of Eview EV 05:

  1. Step Counter: Track daily movement with the step counter, encouraging health and vitality by promoting physical activity.
  2. Excellent Voice Quality: The watch features an adjustable speaker and microphone, delivering excellent voice quality for clear communication.
  3. Live Tracking: Automatic GPS/WiFi/Beacon/LBS location updates every 10 seconds upon SOS button activation ensure real time tracking.
  4. Two-Way Calling: Utilize two-way calling through the SOS or Call 1 button, allowing calls from anyone or authorized contacts.
  5. Waterproof: With a waterproof IP67 rating, the watch remains functional even in wet conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.
  6. Medication Reminder for Health Management: Receive timely reminders for specific medications, promoting health management and preventing negative health effects.

Furthermore, the Eview EV 05 stands as a user friendly GPS wristwatch. Lastly, with features like 4G, heart rate detection, SOS alarm, voice prompts, step counter, and excellent voice quality. And this wristwatch provides live tracking, two-way calling, waterproofing, and medication reminders, offering a comprehensive solution.