Eview EV 04

Manufacturer: Eview

The Eview EV 04 4G SOS pendant with an MTK solution, is designed to be simple, smart, and packed with essential features.

Let’s explore the noteworthy features that make this Eview EV 04 SOS pendant stand out:

  1. 4G Connectivity for Seamless Coverage: Supporting various 4G bands, the pendant ensures continuous coverage and falls back to 3G/2G in the absence of 4G.
  2. Compact and Lightweight Design: Weighing only 53g, the mini-sized pendant offers portability and comfort, making it easy to carry around.
  3. Effortless SOS Alarm Activation: A single button activates the SOS alarm, providing a straightforward and simple way to seek assistance.
  4. Smart Voice Prompts for Enhanced Communication: Enjoy smart voice prompts for alarms and important messages, enhancing reliability and user understanding.
  5. Highly Sensitive Fall Alarm: The highly sensitive fall detector ensures a 70+% accuracy in reporting potential dangers, prioritizing user safety.
  6. Excellent Voice Quality with Adjustable Speaker and Microphone: Featuring an adjustable speaker and microphone, the pendant delivers excellent voice quality for effective communication.

Additional Features of Eview EV 04:

  1. Live Tracking for Real-time Location Updates: Automatic GPS/WiFi/Beacon/LBS location updates every 10 seconds upon SOS button activation ensure real-time tracking.
  2. Medication Reminder for Health Management: Receive timely reminders for specific medications, promoting health management and preventing serious health issues.
  3. Home WiFi Connectivity: Connect to your home WiFi hotspot for alerts when the user is at home or away.
  4. Two-Way Calling: Utilize two-way calling through the SOS or Call 1 button, allowing calls from anyone or authorized contacts.
  5. Waterproof Design: The pendant boasts a waterproof IP67 rating, ensuring functionality even in wet conditions for added durability.
  6. FOTA: Enjoy the convenience of FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) for software upgrades, eliminating the need for proximity during updates.

In summary, the Eview EV 04 4G SOS pendant with MTK solution is a versatile and user-friendly device. With features like 4G connectivity, compact design, SOS alarm, voice prompts, fall detection, live tracking, medication reminders, home WiFi connectivity, two-way calling, waterproofing, and FOTA capabilities, this pendant offers a comprehensive solution for safety and communication needs.