Eelink TK115

Manufacturer: Eelink

Motorcycle theft is a growing concern, and addressing this issue requires advanced solutions. Eelink TK115 Motorcycle GPS security tracking device emerges as a comprehensive solution, providing round-the-clock monitoring and theft protection. In this era of technological advancements, safeguarding your motorcycle has never been more accessible.

Key Features of TK115 Motorcycle GPS Tracker

1. 24/7 Motorcycle Monitoring Simplified

TK115 Motorcycle GPS offers a complete and straightforward solution for continuous bike monitoring. This ensures that your motorcycle is under surveillance at all times, providing peace of mind to owners.

2. Real-time Status Updates for Theft Prevention

Say goodbye to the hassle of insurance claims with TK115. This device offers real-time status updates, effectively preventing theft by providing immediate alerts. Stay informed about the status of your motorcycle through timely notifications.

3. Geo-fencing for Enhanced Security

TK115 employs Geo-fencing technology, sending alerts if someone starts the motorcycle or moves it beyond a preset area. This proactive feature ensures that any unauthorized movement triggers an automatic alert, keeping you in control of your motorcycle’s whereabouts.

4. Easy Installation and Cost Efficiency

Unlike bulkier counterparts, TK115 is easy to install, reducing labor costs associated with intricate installations. The device’s user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free setup, making it a cost-effective choice for motorcycle owners.

5. Ignition Disable Switch Activation

In the event of a theft attempt involving hotwiring, TK115 takes swift action. An automated email or cellphone alert is sent, enabling the owner to log in immediately through a smartphone or laptop. The ignition disable switch can be activated promptly, thwarting theft attempts.

6. Identifying Potential Theft

TK115 serves as a proactive deterrent, identifying potential theft before it occurs. With its advanced features, the device adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that motorcycle owners are a step ahead of potential threats.

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Invest in Eelink TK115 Motorcycle GPS security tracking device for uncompromised security and peace of mind. Safeguard your motorcycle with cutting-edge technology designed to deter theft effectively.