Eelink GPT49

Manufacturer: Eelink

Eelink GPT49, a cutting-edge 4G LTE GPS tracker designed to revolutionize the tracking of containers, trailers, skip bins, and various assets requiring extended battery life without compromising on performance. With its exceptional features, the GPT49 sets a new standard in the world of GPS tracking devices.

Unparalleled Battery Life

The GPT49 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 5 years with once-daily updates and 1 year with hourly updates. This ensures prolonged tracking without the need for frequent battery replacements, providing users with a hassle-free and efficient solution for asset monitoring.

Tamper Sensor for Enhanced Security

A standout feature of the GPT49 is its tamper sensor, providing an additional layer of security for valuable equipment. Activated upon removal of the GPS tracker, the tamper sensor sends an immediate message to our server. Users can enable optional alerts, receiving real-time notifications, further fortifying the security of the entire tracking system.

Key Features and Capabilities

  1. Multinetwork Support: GPT49 supports GSM/SMS/EGPRS/WCEMA/LTE FDD/LTE TDD, ensuring compatibility with 2G, 3G, and 4G M2M-optimized networks.
  2. GNSS Technology: Equipped with GNSS technology, including GPS/Beidou/Glonass/Galileo/Qzss, the GPT49 provides accurate and reliable satellite positioning.
  3. Discreet Installation: Smart and easy to hide during installation, the GPT49 ensures a seamless tracking experience without drawing unnecessary attention.
  4. Built-in Light Sensor: The device features a built-in light sensor triggering a removal alarm when the tracker is taken off and exposed to light.
  5. Extended Standby Mode: In long standby mode, the device wakes up once per day, offering a remarkable battery life of up to 5 years with daily power-on cycles.
  6. Smart Emergency Mode: Activating real-time tracking and regular data uploads through 2G/3G/4G, the GPT49 ensures swift response in emergency situations.
  7. User-Friendly Platforms: Access tracking information effortlessly through GPS Web Platform, APP, or SMS inquiries, providing convenience and flexibility.
  8. OTA Firmware Upgrade: The GPT49 supports EELINK 2.1, allowing for Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, ensuring the device stays up-to-date with the latest enhancements.
  9. Integration Compatibility: Seamless integration with other GPS tracking platforms, offering versatility and compatibility for diverse user needs.

Choose GPT49 for Unmatched Performance and Security

Incorporate the Eelink GPT49 into your asset tracking strategy and experience unparalleled performance, extended battery life, and advanced security features. Eelink continues to lead the way in GPS tracking technology, providing reliable solutions for businesses and individuals alike.

** Integration is tailored to meet specific requirements, subject to applicable terms and conditions of our software.