Digital Systems DSF22

Manufacturer: Digital Systems

Digital Systems DSF22, the latest evolution in GPS/GSM monitoring terminals and the third generation in its innovative lineup, succeeding the DSF20 and DSF21 models. Packed with advanced features, DSF22 is designed to provide seamless and efficient monitoring for various applications.

Enhanced Events Monitoring for Precision

DSF22 sets itself apart with its comprehensive events monitoring capabilities. From tracking deviations from the route to monitoring the distance between objects, the device ensures precision in data collection. This real-time monitoring allows users to stay informed about the exact location and movements of the tracked object.

Optimized Engine Performance Monitoring

The GPS/GSM monitoring terminal is equipped to detect engine-related activities, including excessive idling. This feature not only contributes to fuel efficiency but also aids in the overall maintenance of the tracked vehicle. DSF22 provides valuable insights into engine behavior for better management and optimization.

Geofencing for Boundary Control

Entrance or exit from geofenced areas triggers alerts, ensuring that users are immediately notified of any unauthorized movement. DSF22’s geofencing capabilities add a layer of security and control, making it an essential tool for managing and securing designated areas.

Efficient Driving and Parking Management

DSF22 goes beyond basic tracking by monitoring excessive driving and parking events. This information is invaluable for fleet management, allowing businesses to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and also enhance overall operational efficiency.

Real-time Fuel Level Tracking

The monitoring terminal excels in tracking fuel level changes, providing insights into fuel consumption patterns. This real-time data is also crucial for businesses looking to manage fuel costs effectively and detect any irregularities in fuel usage.

Comprehensive Inputs and Outputs Monitoring

DSF22 offers a wide range of monitoring options, including inputs triggering, outputs triggering, and parameter range tracking. This flexibility allows users to customize monitoring based on specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and efficient tracking experience.

Instant SOS Response and Speed Monitoring

With the ability to detect pressing the SOS button, DSF22 ensures immediate response to emergencies. Additionally, the device monitors speeding, offering a platform-related speed alert for added safety and compliance.

Reliable State Detection and Connectivity Status

DSF22 is designed to detect the parking state and provides information on the tracker’s ON/OFF status or connection loss. This feature ensures that users are promptly informed of any disruptions in tracking, while allowing for swift action and maintaining continuous monitoring.

SEO-Friendly Tracking Solutions

DSF22 not only excels in functionality but also aligns with SEO-friendly practices. Its advanced monitoring features cater to various needs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient and search engine optimized tracking solutions.


In conclusion, Digital Systems DSF22 stands at the forefront of GPS/GSM monitoring technology, offering an array of features for precise and efficient tracking. With its enhanced events monitoring, geofencing capabilities, and real-time data insights, DSF22 is a game-changer in the world of tracking terminals. Elevate your tracking experience with DSF22 for unparalleled efficiency and control.