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CalAmp LMU-3000

Manufacturer: CalAmp

CalAmp LMU-3000, designed by CalAmp, is a cost-effective and feature-rich vehicle tracking solution tailored for easy installation in automobiles. This device is the go-to choice for automotive insurance, driver behavior management, auto rental, as well as applications requiring access to the OBD-II vehicle diagnostics interface.

Competitive Edge with Advanced Features

CalAmp’s LMU-3000-GPRS stands out in the market, while offering a competitive edge with a compact design, superior GPS technology, OBD-II interface, and a 3-axis accelerometer. These features also empower the device to access vehicle diagnostic interface data, track speed and location, and detect driving behaviors such as hard braking, cornering, or acceleration. With internal antennas for cellular and GPS, professional installation becomes unnecessary, making the LMU-3000-GPRS a quick, easy, and cost-effective solution.

Reliable Communication through Enhanced Messaging

Messages are seamlessly transported across the cellular network using enhanced SMS or UDP messaging, while ensuring a robust communications link between the device and application servers. CalAmp engineers the LMU-3000-GPRS to significantly reduce cost, power consumption, and size while enhancing field reliability, especially in 12-volt passenger or light-duty vehicles.

Flexibility with PEG Alert Engine

Employing CalAmp’s PEG™ (Programmable Event Generator) alert engine, the LMU-3000-GPRS offers unparalleled flexibility. PEG continuously monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined exception-based rules. This allows the device to meet the unique requirements of various applications. Responding instantaneously to pre-defined threshold conditions related to time, date, motion, location, geo-zones, input, and other event combinations.

Over-the-Air Serviceability for Seamless Updates

The LMU-3000-GPRS leverages CalAmp’s PULS™ (Programming, Updates, and Logistics System) for over-the-air device management and maintenance. Configuration parameters, PEG rules, and firmware can be effortlessly updated remotely. PULS provides hands-free configuration and automatic post-installation upgrades, allowing users to monitor unit health status across fleets, identifying and addressing issues proactively.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Superior GPS and cellular quality
  • Built-in cellular and GPS antennas for easy installation
  • OBD-II connector for reading vehicle bus data
  • Built-in accelerometer for driver behavior insights and impact detection
  • Pre-impact data capture capabilities
  • Power sleep modes for enhanced efficiency

Experience the next level of tracking with the CalAmp LMU-3000. It offers a perfect blend of affordability, advanced features, as well as seamless over-the-air updates. Elevate your tracking experience and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.