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BSJ Tech HW-GH 16

Manufacturer: BSJ Tech. Co. Ltd
BSJ Tech HW-GH 16

BSJ Tech HW-GH 16 is a 4G LTE networked dashcam that represents a significant advancement in vehicle security and monitoring. This innovative device offers real-time satellite positioning and video recording, ensuring you’re always in the know about your vehicle’s location and condition. Importantly, both video and alarm data can be uploaded remotely, providing a robust solution to vehicular threats like theft, scratches, or collisions. Promptly reporting incidents to both the platform and the vehicle owner, this technology is at the forefront of automotive safety.

Features of BSJ Tech HW-GH 16:

Effortless Video Recording:

  • Automatic Activation: Upon powering on, the system instantly begins recording videos.
  • High Definition: Captures every detail with 1080P resolution HD loop video.

4G Communication:

  • Data Uploading: Seamlessly sends data information, videos, driving tracks, and vehicle alarms over the mobile network.

Real-Time Positioning:

  • GPS & BD Dual Mode: Accurately records the vehicle’s trajectory, providing a detailed history of movements.

Vibration Alarm:

  • Immediate Response: Detects vibrations post-ignition (ACC off) and triggers a vehicle vibration alarm.
  • Integrated Reporting: Alongside the alarm, a photo is uploaded, and the device records for an additional five minutes.

Collision Alarm:

  • Instant Alert: In the event of a collision while driving, the system immediately activates a vehicle collision alarm.
  • Prompt Video Push: The first 10 seconds to 5 seconds of video post-collision are pushed to the platform for review.

Restart Button:

  • User-Controlled: A red button on the body allows for a 10-second press to trigger the restart mechanism after detecting an exception.


In summary, this 4G LTE real-time networked dashcam is not just a tool but a guardian for your vehicle. It brings together real-time satellite positioning and video recording to keep a vigilant eye on your car. The device’s ability to communicate over 4G and upload data and alarms provides an additional layer of security. Furthermore, The restart button adds a layer of user control, making this device a comprehensive solution for your vehicle’s safety and monitoring needs. With these features, you can drive with confidence, knowing you have the latest in vehicle security technology at your service.

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