BSJ Tech KM-01/02

Manufacturer: BSJ Tech. Co. Ltd
BSJ Tech KM-01/02

The BSJ Tech KM-01/02 GPS Tracker—compact, precise, and designed for easy vehicle tracking. This device integrates GPS+LBS communication technology and employs EPO for rapid positioning.

Key Product Features of BSJ Tech KM-01/02:

  1. Deviation from Route: Receive alerts for any deviations from the designated route, ensuring accurate tracking.
  2. Distance between Objects: Gauge the distance between objects, enhancing overall monitoring capabilities.
  3. Engine Excessive Idling: BSJ KM-01/02 Monitor and address instances of the engine idling excessively for optimized vehicle usage.
  4. Entrance or Exit from Geofence: Get notified when the vehicle enters or exits a predefined geofence area.
  5. Excessive Driving: Stay informed about instances of excessive driving, promoting safe and efficient practices.
  6. Excessive Parking: Receive alerts for extended periods of parking, facilitating better management of vehicle usage.
  7. External Power Cut: Be aware of external power cuts, enhancing security measures and tracking continuity.
  8. Fatigue Driving: BSJ KM-01/02 Address fatigue driving concerns with timely alerts for enhanced safety.
  9. Inputs Triggering: Stay informed about triggered inputs for a comprehensive understanding of vehicle activities.
  10. Low Battery: Proactively manage battery levels with alerts, ensuring uninterrupted device functionality.
  11. Outputs Triggering: BSJ KM-01/02 Receive notifications for triggered outputs, offering insights into various vehicle functions.
  12. Parameter in Range: Monitor if vehicle parameters are within the specified range for optimal performance.
  13. Parking State Detection: Gain insights into the parking state, facilitating efficient vehicle management.
  14. Speeding (Platform Related): Address speeding concerns with platform-related alerts for safer driving practices.
  15. Task Status Change: Stay updated on changes in task status, promoting effective task management.
  16. Tracker Switched OFF or Lost Connection: Receive alerts if the tracker is switched off or loses connection, ensuring continuous monitoring.


In essence, the BSJ KM-01/02 GPS Tracker stands as a user-friendly solution, providing diverse features for effective vehicle tracking. Furthermore, its compact design, coupled with GPS+LBS communication technology and EPO positioning, ensures accuracy and ease of use. From route deviations to fatigue driving alerts, this tracker covers a range of parameters, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive vehicle monitoring and management. Choose the BSJ KM-01/02 for practical, reliable, and hassle-free tracking solutions.

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