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BS Technotronics BSTPL-17L

BSTPL-17L is a 4G LTE GPS Tracking device with fall back mechanism to 3G/2G and has provision for either GNSS or GNSS+IRNSS. The device also complies with the newly introduced intelligent transport system standards, AIS140. BSTPL-17L Designed for complying to standards like IS9000, ISO16750, AIS004, IEC60529, IS2465, ISO6722, ISO7637 and IP67. In addition to fulfilling the functionality requirements as required by AIS140, the device also has provision for additional interface requirements like multiple IO ports, SOS (Emergency Button), RS-232 and CAN Interface.

BSTPL-17L Supports all the Indian 4G LTE bands and the device can be made to support global and specific region bands with drop-in replacement of 4G LTE module. This will enable customers to meet the requirements of specific regions on immediate basis and avoid new development activity. BSTPL-17L is equipped with advanced 32 Bit Cortex M3 Microcontroller and Highly sensitive GNSS receiver supporting GPS, GLONASS, IRNSS* and GSM 4G LTE /3G/2G Transceiver with Internal Antennas, which delivers accurate real time data in toughest environmental and operating conditions. Compact in size, BSTPL-17L enables easy handling and easy installation.

Supporting three different types of protocols, BSTPL-17L has provision for generating alerts for Emergency Button, Box Tamper, Ignition On/Off, Vehicle Battery Connect / Disconnect, Internal Battery Low, Harsh Breaking, Harsh Acceleration and Harsh Turnings. Operates on wide DC operating voltage range (7-36V), BSTPL-17L is equipped with internal battery for continuous operation when main power is disconnected or tampered.

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