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Bitrek BI 868m-U TREK

Manufacturer: Bitrek
BI 868m-U TREK

Bitrek, a trusted manufacturer, presents the BI 868m-U TREK, an economical yet powerful GPS tracker. Designed with specific use cases in mind, this device caters primarily to motorcycles and vehicles utilized by delivery services. Let’s delve into its features that make it a standout solution.

Key Features of Bitrek BI 868m-U TREK

  1. 2G Connectivity for Seamless Tracking

The BI 868m-U TREK is equipped with 2G support, ensuring reliable and continuous tracking capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for cruisers and delivery vehicles, providing a cost-effective yet efficient solution for monitoring.

  1. Anti-Jamming Technology for Uninterrupted Signals

Experience uninterrupted tracking with the built-in anti-jamming technology. This ensures that the BI 868m-U TREK maintains a stable connection, even in challenging signal environments, offering peace of mind for users relying on accurate location data.

  1. SOS Support via AIn for Emergency Situations

In emergency scenarios, the BI 868m-U TREK comes to the rescue with SOS support via AIn (Artificial Intelligence). This feature enhances the safety aspect of the device, allowing quick and efficient communication during critical situations.

  1. Motor Block Relay Assistance via Racket

The device provides motor block relay assistance through Racket, enhancing security measures for the monitored vehicles. This additional layer of control adds to the overall functionality and protection of the BI 868m-U TREK.

  1. Precise Tracking for Enhanced Monitoring

Experience precise tracking with the BI 868m-U TREK, ensuring accurate location data at all times. This feature is especially valuable for delivery services that rely on real-time tracking for efficient operations.

  1. FOTA for Hassle-Free Firmware Updates

Stay up-to-date effortlessly with Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates. This feature simplifies the process of keeping the device’s firmware current, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with the latest technologies.

  1. Extended Backup Power for Uninterrupted Operation

With 2-3 hours of backup power without a direct power source, the BI 868m-U TREK guarantees uninterrupted tracking. This is particularly advantageous in situations where power sources may be temporarily unavailable.

  1. Open Data Firmware for Versatile Compatibility

The device boasts open data firmware, making it compatible with any monitoring software. This flexibility allows seamless integration with various tracking systems, enhancing its usability for diverse applications.

Customization Options with Bitrek’s Database

Leverage Bitrek’s extensive database of technologies to customize the BI 868m-U TREK for specific vehicle types. Whether it’s motorcycles, delivery vans, or any other vehicle, we can tailor the device to meet the unique requirements of your project.

In conclusion, the Bitrek BI 868m-U TREK stands out as an affordable and feature-rich GPS tracker, offering a reliable solution for vehicle monitoring in diverse scenarios. Its combination of essential features, customization options, and cost-effectiveness makes it a valuable asset for businesses relying on efficient tracking solutions.