Bitrek BI 310 TREK

Manufacturer: Bitrek

BI 310 Journey works utilizing the time-table which was pre-set by a client. It dozes constantly, and truth be told, is switched off out of the functional period. The gadget awakens just when the time table turns it on and sends a position identified through GPS. In the event that in the event that the gadget is underground and can’t identify any GPS satellites, BI 310 Journey distinguishes its position through LBS (filters portable administrators base stations around).

The instance of this GPS signal is shielded from residue and dampness. Consistence with the IP65 standard means totally dustproof, as well as insurance against water jets falling on its surface from any point. Regardless of whether you unintentionally wet the GPS following guide inside a vehicle during wet cleaning of the inside, it won’t hurt it in any capacity.