Bitrek BI 310 TREK

Manufacturer: Bitrek

Bitrek BI 310 TREK, a cutting-edge GPS tracker designed to redefine your tracking experience. Let’s delve into the features that make it stand out.

Seamless Operation with Customized Scheduling

The BI 310 TREK operates on a user-defined timetable, ensuring efficient usage. During inactive periods, it remains in sleep mode, conserving energy. The device activates precisely as scheduled, transmitting GPS-based location data. This streamlined approach optimizes functionality and minimizes unnecessary power consumption.

Intelligent Adaptability with LBS

In scenarios where GPS signals are unavailable, the BI 310 TREK intelligently resorts to Location-Based Services (LBS). By scanning mobile operators’ base stations, it accurately determines its position even when underground. This dual-mode functionality enhances the device’s adaptability, ensuring reliable tracking in various environments.

Robust Protection with IP65 Compliance

The GPS signal integrity is safeguarded against external elements with the BI 310 TREK’s adherence to the IP65 standard. This certification ensures not only complete dustproofing but also robust protection against water jets from any angle. The device remains resilient even if exposed to moisture during vehicle interior cleaning, guaranteeing sustained performance in diverse conditions.

Why Choose BI 310 TREK?

  1. Efficient Power Management: The device conserves power during idle periods, extending its operational lifespan.
  2. Adaptive Tracking: Seamlessly switches to LBS in GPS-challenged environments, ensuring continuous tracking accuracy.
  3. Rugged Design: With IP65 compliance, the BI 310 TREK withstands dust and water exposure, maintaining optimal functionality.
  4. Versatile Applications: Ideal for diverse scenarios, from vehicle tracking to asset monitoring, providing real-time insights.


Experience a new era of tracking efficiency with the Bitrek BI 310 TREK. From customized scheduling to intelligent adaptability, this GPS tracker sets a new standard in reliability and performance. Invest in the BI 310 TREK for a seamless tracking solution that adapts to your needs.

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