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Bitrek BI 530R

Manufacturer: Bitrek
Bitrek BI 530R

Explore the advanced features of the Bitrek BI 530R, a GPS tracker designed to elevate your tracking experience. Let’s dive into the key functionalities that set this device apart in the realm of tracking technology.

Cloud-Synchronized Configuration for Seamless Updates

The BI 530R offers the convenience of synchronizing configuration and firmware through a cloud service. This ensures smooth updates, allowing users to efficiently manage device settings for an optimal tracking experience.

Premium Power Circuit Protection for Longevity

Equipped with premium power circuit protection, the BI 530R ensures the longevity and reliability of the device. This advanced feature safeguards against potential power-related issues, contributing to the overall durability of the tracker.

Intelligent Antijamming Technology for Enhanced Security

Experience heightened security with the GSM signal jamming detector. The BI 530R actively detects and alerts users to potential signal interference, ensuring continuous and reliable communication for effective tracking.

Versatile Input and Output Options

With 2 analog inputs and 3 digital inputs, the BI 530R offers versatility in connecting to various devices and sensors. This flexibility extends to its 2 digital outputs, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse tracking scenarios.

RS 485 Connectivity for Enhanced Compatibility

The inclusion of RS 485 connectivity enhances the device’s compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of systems for an all-encompassing tracking experience.

Budget-Friendly Tracking with Ignition Control

Despite being a budget device, the BI 530R does not compromise on tracking quality and ignition control. It provides high-quality tracking capabilities, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution for tracking needs.

Efficient Internal Battery for Extended Usage

The device is powered by an internal 130 mAh battery, ensuring efficient power usage for extended tracking periods. This ensures the BI 530R remains operational even when a continuous power source is not available.

Intelligent Data Storage and Transfer

In the event of a lost mobile connection, the BI 530R exhibits intelligence by recording and storing up to 50,000 records. Once the connection is restored, it automatically transfers the accumulated data to the server via GPRS, ensuring no data is lost.

Remote Management with FOTA Support

Stay ahead with Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) support, allowing remote changes to settings and firmware. This feature provides a convenient and efficient way to keep the BI 530R updated with the latest features.

Open Data Transfer Protocol and Software Compatibility

The BI 530R boasts an open data transfer protocol, ensuring compatibility with all popular software. This flexibility allows users to choose tracking and monitoring software that best suits their specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, the Bitrek BI 530R stands out as a feature-rich GPS tracker that combines advanced capabilities with budget-friendly solutions. From cloud-synchronized updates to intelligent data storage, this device offers a comprehensive solution for reliable and efficient vehicle tracking. Choose the BI 530R for an enhanced and streamlined approach to tracking and monitoring your assets.