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Bitrek BI 530P

Manufacturer: Bitrek
BI 530P

Discover the advanced features of the Bitrek BI 530P TREK, a premium GPS tracker that brings a new level of functionality to the market. Let’s delve into the key attributes that set this device apart, providing users with a comprehensive and efficient tracking solution.

Premium Segment Functionality

The BI 530P TREK from Bitrek stands out in the premium segment with its enhanced functionality. This device goes beyond basic tracking, offering the ability to connect a diverse range of additional sensors. These include temperature sensors, fuel level sensors, RFID identifiers, and many others, providing users with a versatile tracking experience.

Connectivity for Additional Sensors

One of the distinctive features of the BI 530P TREK is its capability to connect various sensors, expanding its functionality. This versatility allows users to customize their tracking solution based on specific needs, ensuring a tailored and comprehensive approach.

Integration of CAN LOG for Vehicle Data

A notable highlight of the BI 530P TREK is its compatibility with CAN LOG, enabling the reading of data directly from the vehicle’s on-board computer. This integration enhances the device’s capabilities, providing users with valuable insights into the vehicle’s performance and diagnostics.

Extension of the 5th Series Line

As an extension of the 5th series line, the BI 530P TREK continues the legacy of wide functionality at an affordable price point. Bitrek ensures that users get a premium tracking experience without compromising on their budget constraints.

Efficient Use of Resources

The BI 530P TREK maximizes the use of available resources, offering a cost-effective solution with extensive functionality. This device reflects Bitrek’s commitment to providing users with value for their investment, making advanced tracking accessible to a broader audience.


In conclusion, the Bitrek BI 530P TREK emerges as a premium GPS tracker with unparalleled functionality. From its ability to connect additional sensors to integration with CAN LOG for on-board computer data reading, this device offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking advanced tracking capabilities. Choose the BI 530P TREK for a versatile, efficient, and budget-friendly tracking experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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