ATrack AX9

Manufacturer: ATrack

The AX9 stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of telematics, offering an optional 2G/3G GPS tracking unit with OBD-II Interface and a seamless plug-and-play installation. With its cutting-edge features, the AX9 is designed to revolutionize Usage-Based Insurance, Car Rental, Fleet Management, and Teenage Driver Tracking.

Seamless Integration with OBD-II Interface

The AX9 sets itself apart with a user-friendly plug-and-play installation, providing an optional 2G/3G GPS tracking unit that effortlessly integrates with your vehicle’s OBD-II Interface. This ensures a hassle-free setup, making it compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Comprehensive Data Acquisition with OBD / CAN Bus J1939

Delving into the heart of your vehicle’s performance, the AX9 supports OBD / CAN Bus J1939 data acquisition. This feature provides an in-depth understanding of critical metrics such as Check Engine (MIL) status, engine idling, fuel level changes, and more. It empowers you with comprehensive data for informed decision-making.

Bluetooth Connectivity for Enhanced Functionality

The AX9 doesn’t just stop at tracking; it introduces Bluetooth connectivity, unlocking a new dimension of possibilities. With this feature, you can seamlessly connect to various devices, enhancing the overall functionality of the tracker.

Event Monitoring for Proactive Management

Stay ahead of potential issues with the AX9’s event monitoring capabilities. From tracking driver behavior to monitoring inputs triggering, unauthorized movements, as well as even GSM jamming, the AX9 keeps you informed in real-time. This proactive approach also enables you to address concerns promptly and maintain optimal fleet performance.

Tailored Reports for Precision Insights

The AX9 goes beyond standard tracking by offering user-defined reports. This customization allows you to focus on the specific data points that matter most to your operations. Whether it’s task status changes, state field values, or deviations from the route, the AX9 provides tailored reports for precision insights.

Versatility for Every Application

Whether you’re managing passenger vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, or monitoring teenage drivers, the AX9 proves to be a versatile solution. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a range of applications, ensuring that your tracking needs are met comprehensively.

Unlock the Potential of AX9 in Telematics

In conclusion, the AX9 emerges as a game-changer in the telematics landscape. With its easy installation, robust data acquisition, and versatile applications, it redefines what’s possible in GPS tracking. Experience the future of telematics with the AX9.