ATrack AS1

Manufacturer: ATrack

Designed to redefine asset monitoring, the ATrack AS1 stands as a pinnacle in the realm of telematics solutions. This device seamlessly integrates GPS for precise location tracking and GPRS/HSPA/CDMA for efficient data communication. The AS1, boasting an optimal design, is tailored for diverse operating environments, while featuring an impressive IP67 rating that provides comprehensive protection against temperature variations, dust, and water spray.

Key Features of ATrack AS1:

1. Robust Design for Any Environment:
AS1 is engineered with an IP67 rating, while ensuring robustness and resilience in challenging environments. Whether faced with extreme temperatures or exposure to dust and water spray, AS1 guarantees optimal performance and durability.

2. Extended Battery Life for Long-Term Deployments:
Equipped with a primary battery life of up to 3 years, AS1 also emerges as an ideal self-contained hardware solution for long-term deployments. This longevity ensures sustained, uninterrupted monitoring of mobile assets.

Comprehensive Event Monitoring:

AS1 excels in event monitoring, providing real-time insights into various aspects of asset behavior. From tracking deviations in the route to monitoring distances between objects and also detecting entrances or exits from geofenced areas, AS1 ensures comprehensive coverage.

Versatile Event Alerts:

AS1’s event monitoring capabilities extend to a diverse range of alerts, including:

Excessive Driving: Keep tabs on instances of aggressive driving behavior.

Excessive Parking: Monitor prolonged parking durations, optimizing asset usage.

GSM Jamming Detection: Detect and respond to potential GSM jamming, ensuring continuous communication.

Low Battery Alerts: Receive notifications when the battery is running low, preventing unexpected downtime.

Parking State Detection: Stay informed about the status of parked assets.

Speeding Alerts (Platform Related): Set thresholds for speeding and receive instant alerts for violations.

Task Status Change: Track changes in task status for enhanced workflow management.

Tracker Switched OFF or Lost Connection: Immediate alerts for any disruptions in tracker connectivity.

Conclusion: Optimize Asset Monitoring with ATrack AS1

Incorporate the ATrack AS1 into your asset monitoring strategy to experience a new standard in telematics. With its resilient design, extended battery life, and versatile event monitoring, AS1 is your go-to solution for efficient and effective asset management. Elevate your monitoring capabilities and ensure the longevity of your deployments with ATrack AS1.