ATrack AS 11

Manufacturer: ATrack

ATrack AS11, a revolutionary telematics device designed to elevate asset management capabilities. Packed with cutting-edge features, AS11 combines robust 4G LTE Cat.1/Cat.M1 connectivity, a rechargeable battery, and a ruggedized IP68-rated enclosure to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Key Features of ATrack AS11:

1. Seamless 4G Connectivity:

AS11 ensures seamless and reliable connectivity with both 4G LTE Cat.1 and Cat.M1 options, providing high-speed data transfer for efficient asset tracking.

2. Extreme Environment Durability:

Designed for rugged environments, AS11 boasts an IP68-rated housing, making it resistant to water and dust. This durability also ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions.

3. Application Expandability:

AS11 comes equipped with GPIOs (General Purpose Inputs/Outputs), while offering a wide range of application expandability and flexibility. Connect to various accessories to enhance its functionality based on specific needs.

4. Impact Detection with Accelerometer:

Featuring a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, AS11 can detect impacts, while providing valuable insights into the condition and safety of your assets.

5. Bluetooth Integration for IoT:

AS11 includes optional Bluetooth 4.1, opening doors to IoT applications. This Bluetooth capability also enhances the device’s versatility, allowing seamless integration with a variety of IoT accessories.

Versatility for Asset Management:

AS11’s robust design and versatile features make it an ideal solution for asset management across various industries. Whether tracking equipment, vehicles, or other valuable assets, AS11 also ensures accurate and real-time monitoring.

Durability in Challenging Environments:

AS11’s IP68-rated enclosure sets it apart by ensuring durability against water and dust. This makes it suitable for deployment in diverse environments, including construction sites, agricultural fields, as well as other challenging settings.

Enhanced Connectivity with IoT Integration:

The optional Bluetooth 4.1 capability enhances AS11’s connectivity, allowing seamless integration with IoT devices. This opens up possibilities for asset monitoring, data collection, and process optimization.

Conclusion: Elevate Asset Management with ATrack AS11

Incorporate the ATrack AS11 Telematics Device into your asset management strategy to experience unparalleled connectivity, durability, and versatility. Revolutionize the way you monitor and manage assets with this state-of-the-art telematics solution.