ATrack AL1

Manufacturer: ATrack
atrack al1

Introducing the ATrack AL1, a cutting-edge vehicle telematics device designed for comprehensive vehicle monitoring and remote control capabilities. With GSM communication at its core, AL1 empowers users to effortlessly monitor vehicle location and execute remote commands through the robust GSM network.

Key Features of ATrack AL1

1. Seamless 2G Connectivity:
AL1 ensures seamless communication with 2G connectivity, offering a reliable and efficient channel for monitoring and control.

2. Precision Location Technology:
Benefit from precise location tracking with AL1’s support for GPS technology, providing accurate and real-time location information.

3. Intelligent Motion and Impact Detection:
Embedded with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer, AL1 excels in motion and impact detection, enhancing its ability to respond to dynamic vehicle conditions.

Optional Accessories for Enhanced Functionality:

AL1 goes beyond standard telematics devices by offering a range of optional accessories that cater to diverse user needs. These accessories include:

RS1 and RS2 Cables: Expand connectivity with RS232 and RS485 adapters.
Diagnostic Adapters: Enhance diagnostic capabilities with OBDII_J1939 diagnostic adapters (DB9-Pin and JST 4-Pin).
Relay and Cameras: Add functionality with 12V/24V relays and CMOS cameras for extended monitoring.
SOS Push Button Cable: Ensure safety with an unlocked SOS push button cable.
RFID and iButton Readers: Enable secure identification with various RFID and iButton reader options.
Temperature Sensors: Monitor temperature conditions with 1-Wire® temperature sensor probes.
Utility Accessories: Explore additional accessories, including waterproof cases, Garmin PND, Squarell FLEX and SOLID, and ATrack proprietary tools.
Versatile Interfaces for Enhanced Connectivity:
AL1 stands out with its multiple interfaces, including I/O connections, 1-Wire® interfaces, and RS-232 interfaces. This versatility allows users to tailor the device to their specific monitoring and control requirements.

Real-time Tracking and Logging Capabilities:
Experience configurable real-time tracking and logging, providing users with a dynamic overview of their vehicle’s movements and activities.

Enhanced Safety and Utility:
AL1 prioritizes safety and utility with its comprehensive set of features, making it a valuable tool for both individual users and businesses looking to optimize their vehicle monitoring and control processes.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Vehicle Monitoring with ATrack AL1
Incorporate the ATrack AL1 Telematics Device into your vehicle management strategy for unparalleled connectivity, precise tracking, and customizable control. Revolutionize the way you monitor and interact with your vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and safety.