ATrack AK7S

Manufacturer: ATrack

ATrack AK7S stands out as a top-tier vehicle Telematics device and GPS tracker, equipped with cutting-edge GPS and UMTS/HSPA/CDMA communication capabilities. This device is more than just a tracker; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to monitor vehicle locations and seamlessly leverage UMTS/HSPA/CDMA networks while also facilitating remote control.

Key Features of AK7S:

  1. Connectivity Beyond Limits: Boasting 3G connectivity, the AK7S also ensures a robust and high-speed connection for real time tracking and communication. Stay connected to your vehicle with the latest in telematics technology.
  2. Versatile Interface Options: The AK7S is engineered with multiple interfaces, while including support for 1-Wire interface and RS232 interface. This versatility also allows for seamless integration with various vehicle systems, enhancing overall functionality.
  3. Precision Location Technology: With support for both GPS and GLONASS, the AK7S delivers unparalleled accuracy in tracking vehicle locations. Enjoy precise and reliable data to keep you informed about your vehicle’s movements.
  4. Intelligent Event Control Engine: The AK7S is not just about tracking; it’s about customization. The intelligent event control engine empowers users to define specific combinations of vehicle conditions, while triggering various actions. Tailor the device to meet your unique monitoring and control requirements effortlessly.
  5. Motion and Impact Detection: Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, the AK7S goes beyond basic tracking. It excels in motion and impact detection. It provides insights into your vehicle’s dynamics and ensures you stay informed about any unusual events.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Control:

The AK7S is designed for seamless integration into your vehicle management system. It provides maximum control and insights into your vehicle’s performance. Whether you’re a fleet manager or an individual vehicle owner. This GPS tracker offers a holistic solution for your tracking and monitoring needs.


Invest in the ATrack AK7S GPS tracker for a transformative experience in vehicle telematics. Stay connected, in control, and informed about your vehicle’s whereabouts with a device that also combines advanced technology with user friendly features. Elevate your tracking capabilities and drive confidently with AK7S.

** Integration is tailored to meet specific requirements, subject to applicable terms and conditions of our software.