ATrack AK11

Manufacturer: ATrack
ATrack AK11

Explore the innovative ATrack AK11, a telematics powerhouse designed for versatile applications in the Transportation industry and fleet management. With robust 4G LTE connectivity, 3G fallback in the US, and 2G fallback in Europe, AK11 also sets a new standard for reliable and high-performance telematics.

Key Features of ATrack AK11:

1. Cutting-edge Connectivity:
AK11 boasts 4G LTE connectivity with 3G fallback in the US and 2G fallback in Europe, while ensuring seamless and reliable data communication across various regions.

2. Comprehensive CAN Bus Support:
Supporting major vehicle bus protocols, including OBDII, J1939, J1708, and FMS, AK11 also provides comprehensive access to critical vehicle data for enhanced monitoring and analysis.

3. ELD Compliance:
AK11 goes beyond standard telematics devices by reading and reporting required ECU data parameters, while ensuring compliance with Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates.

4. Built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot:
Enhance connectivity with the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, operating at 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, facilitating seamless connection to other devices for extended functionality.

5. Optional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):
AK11 offers optional Bluetooth Low Energy, opening up possibilities for IoT applications and expanding the device’s versatility.

Versatility in Fleet Monitoring:

AK11 stands out with its diverse interfaces and capabilities, while making it an ideal choice for fleet applications. Whether monitoring OBDII, J1939, or J1708 interfaces, AK11 also ensures comprehensive data access for efficient fleet management.

ELD Mandate Compliance:

In response to the evolving regulatory landscape, AK11 supports Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance by capturing and reporting essential ECU data parameters, streamlining adherence to industry mandates.

Future-ready IoT Integration:

With optional Bluetooth Low Energy, AK11 is positioned as a future-ready device capable of seamless integration with IoT applications. This opens up opportunities for enhanced sensor capabilities and expanded functionality.

Conclusion: Elevate Fleet Management with ATrack AK11

Incorporate the ATrack AK11 Telematics Device into your fleet management strategy to unlock a new era of connectivity, compliance, and versatility. Revolutionize the way you monitor and optimize your fleet operations with this state-of-the-art telematics solution.