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Astra Telematics AT500 Mini

Manufacturer: Astra Telematics

Our AT500 makes tracking of the smallest, unpowered assets easier than ever!  With up to 6 months battery life and Qi wireless charging, its clear to see why this tiny magnetic mount device is so popular.

The AT500 comes with BLE as standard for easy configuration and diagnostics via smartphone.  Future-proof communications include LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT communications, in addition to GPRS fallback.


AT500 MiniAstra Telematics AT500 Mini – is the ideal choice for tracking the smallest assets effortlessly. With a simple magnetic mount, Qi wireless charging, and an impressive 6-month battery life, asset tracking has never been simpler!

Astra Telematics AT500 Mini: Tracking Simplified

Tracking the tiniest, unpowered assets is now a breeze with our AT500 Mini! Boasting up to 6 months of battery life and Qi wireless charging, this diminutive magnetic mount device has gained popularity for its simplicity. Standard BLE ensures easy smartphone configuration and diagnostics. Stay ahead with future-proof 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT communications, along with 2G GPRS fallback.

Technical Specifications of Astra Telematics AT500 Mini:

Accelerometer: Yes

BLE (Bluetooth): Yes

GNSS Antenna Size: 15mm

AT500 Mini Mobile Network Communications: GSM (2G) + LTEM (4G) + NB-IoT

GSM Antenna: Internal

GNSS Antenna Type: Internal

SIM Card Format: e-SIM

Qi Wireless Charging: Yes

Battery Life (LP mode, 24hr reporting): 6 months

Battery Capacity (internal): 2200mAh

In conclusion, the AT500 Mini is not just a tracker; it’s a solution that combines simplicity with advanced features. Elevate your asset-tracking experience with the tiny powerhouse – the AT500!

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our fleet management software.