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Astra Telematics AT241

Manufacturer: Astra Telematics
Astra Telematics AT242

The Astra Telematics AT241, crafted with cutting-edge technology, follows the AT240’s footsteps, loaded with I/O and an optional BLE feature.

The AT241, like all our devices, incorporates state-of-the-art technology. It features future-proof mobile communications, encompassing LTE-M, NB-IoT, and 2G/GPRS.

Astra Telematics AT241 Features:

Future-Proof Communications: The AT241 ensures future-proof mobile communications, featuring LTE-M and NB-IoT alongside 2G/GPRS for versatile connectivity.

Waterproof Design: The AT241, equipped with an IP67 waterproof feature, handles diverse applications, ensuring durability and reliability.

Vehicle Sharing Applications: Widely used in vehicle sharing applications, the AT241 excels with real-time, high-reliability communications, making it a perfect fit.

Extensive I/O Options: Abundant I/O allows the AT241 to integrate seamlessly with optional accessories and third-party data sources, enhancing its adaptability.

Security Applications: An internal tamper detection feature raises alerts when the device is removed, positioning the AT241 as suitable for security applications.

GNSS Technology: The internal GNSS supports all satellite navigation systems, offering optimum sensitivity with the latest Mediatek chipset and a 25mm ceramic patch antenna.

Compact Fully-Loaded Design: Despite being our most feature packed device, the AT241 maintains a compact size, simplifying the installation process.

Technical Specifications of Astra Telematics AT241:

Mobile Network Communications: GSM/GPRS(2G) + LTE-M (4G)

AT241 Operating Voltage Range: 6.0V to 50.0V

Qi Wireless Charging: No

GSM Antenna: Internal

GNSS Antenna Type: Internal

AT241 GNSS Antenna Size: 25mm

BLE (Bluetooth): Optional

SIM Card Format: Micro

Tamper Sensor: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes

Battery Capacity (internal): 510mAh

Battery Life (LP mode, 24hr reporting): 6 days

Ingress Protection: IP67

In conclusion, the AT241 stands out as a robust and versatile device with a compact design, making it suitable for various applications. Whether in vehicle sharing, security, or other uses, the AT241 delivers reliable performance with a wealth of features. Elevate your connectivity with the fully-loaded AT241 today.

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