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Astra Telematics AT200

Manufacturer: Astra Telematics

Approximately the same size as a typical GPS/GSM combo antenna, the AT200 has easy access to SIM and the external GSM and GPS status LEDs. Connection of accessories for driver ID and RS232-based applications is a simple plug-in option with the standard CB203 cable. The AT200 has full GNSS support, a 900mAh back-up battery, MEMS accelerometer and up to 65V operation.Capable of most everyday vehicle tracking applications. Capable of most everyday vehicle tracking applications such as fleet management, insurance telematics, and simple vehicle-sharing applications.


The Astra Telematics AT200 stands out as an affordable vehicle tracking device, housed in a compact plastic enclosure with internal GNSS and GSM antennas. Embracing cutting-edge technology, it features a Cortex M3 ARM processor, Quectel M66 Quad Band GSM/GPRS modem with Bluetooth, and ublox EVA-M8M GNSS supporting GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and BeiBou.

Powered by an external DC voltage source, it boasts a 900mAh internal back-up battery, ensuring approximately 6 hours of continuous operation or 6 days in low-power mode with hourly reporting. The device simplifies interconnections with a single 16-way connector.

Key Features of the Astra Telematics AT200:

Compact Design: The AT200 impresses with its compact size, ensuring convenient installation and discreet placement.

Advanced Processor: Equipped with a Cortex M3 ARM processor, the AT200 ensures efficient and reliable performance.

GNSS Technology: Featuring ublox EVA-M8M GNSS, the device supports multiple navigation systems, enhancing location accuracy.

Quad Band GSM/GPRS/Bluetooth Modem: The Quectel M66 modem with Bluetooth functionality ensures versatile and efficient communication.

Internal Antennas: The internal GSM and Bluetooth antennas, designed with PIFA PCB trace for high sensitivity, contribute to reliable connectivity.

Low Power Consumption: The AT200 demonstrates minimal power drain when the vehicle ignition is off, energy efficiency.

Bluetooth Driver ID: Offering Bluetooth-based driver ID, authentication, and authorization, the device enhances security and control.

Versatile Inputs and Outputs: With a 3-axis accelerometer, 2 digital inputs, digital output, and RS232 Port, the AT200 provides diverse functionality.

Backup Battery: The 900mAh internal lithium-polymer backup battery ensures long operation, adding reliability to the tracking system.

Flexible Configuration: Configure the device easily through RS232, SMS, or TCP/UDP, adapting to various user preferences.

Firmware Update: Benefit from fast and reliable over-the-air firmware updates, making the device stays up to date.

Modular Communications Protocol X: The AT200 supports a modular communications protocol X, offering adaptability for customized applications.

TCP or UDP Mode: Choose between TCP or UDP mode based on your specific communication needs.

Non-Volatile Storage: The device provides non volatile storage for up to 2000 reports, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

SDK for Custom Applications: Explore customization possibilities with the available SDK, enabling rapid development of client-specific applications.

CE Approval: The AT200 is approved to CE standards (2004/104/EC), ensuring compliance with European regulations.

In conclusion, the AT200 is a feature packed, cost effective vehicle tracking solution that combines simplicity with advanced technology. Elevate your tracking experience with the AT200 today.