Astra Telematics AT111 2G-LTE

Manufacturer: Astra Telematics
Astra Telematics AT111

The Astra Telematics AT111 device, stemming from the advanced features of our AT241 model, brings forth a heightened level of adaptability by incorporating the option to utilize various external antennas. This feature proves invaluable in scenarios where the device cannot be optimally positioned for ideal mobile network coverage and GNSS visibility. By seamlessly integrating external antennas, the AT111 ensures optimal performance in diverse applications.

One of the standout features of the Astra Telematics AT111 has easy integration of the same I/O capabilities and 2G/4G communications as its predecessor, the AT241. This consistency in functionality ensures that users can expect the same high level of performance and reliability from the AT111, making it a reliable choice for various telematics applications.

The construction of the AT111 is a unique selling point, as it is built on our proprietary aluminum-alloy ‘sandwich’ construction. This innovative approach not only allows for incredibly compact dimensions but also facilitates simple access to the SIM card. Moreover, the external LED status indicators enhance visibility and provide a quick reference for the device’s operational status. The overall look and feel of the AT111 exude a sense of solidity, setting it apart from other devices in the competitive telematics industry.

Technical Specifications of the AT111:

  • Mobile Network Communications: GSM/GPRS (2G) + LTE-M (4G)
  • Minimum Operating Voltage: 6.0V
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 50.0V
  • Qi Wireless Charging: Not available
  • GSM Antenna: External
  • GNSS Antenna Type: External
  • GNSS Antenna Size: 25mm
  • BLE (Bluetooth): Not supported
  • SIM Card Format: Micro
  • Tamper Sensor: Absent
  • Accelerometer: Present
  • Battery Capacity (internal): 950mAh
  • Battery Life (LP mode, 24hr reporting): 7 days
  • Ingress Protection: None
  • LED Indicators: External
  • Digital Inputs: 6
  • Digital Outputs: 5
  • ADC Inputs: 2
  • RS232 Ports: 2
  • CANBus: Yes

In essence, the AT111 not only inherits the robust capabilities of the AT241 but also introduces enhancements in adaptability through external antennas and a unique construction methodology. This device caters to a spectrum of telematics applications with its reliable performance, compact design, and distinctive features.

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