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Astra Telematics AT210

Manufacturer: Astra Telematics

Astra Telematics AT210 can by controlled the hours of service of their service routes or deliveries tasks in real-time from a Tracking Management Platform via Web.AT210 is simple to install and inconspicuous in appearance, it also allows the use of an optional external GPS antenna, for applications where mounting the device with good GPS visibility is not practical.


The Astra Telematics AT210 GPS Tracker is ideal for Fleet Management and asset-vehicle tracking solutions. Crafted with integrated GPS/GSM antennas and an IP67-protected plastic cover, this device ensures waterproof GPS functionality.

Control your service routes or delivery tasks with real-time precision using the AT210 via a Tracking Management Platform on the web. Its straightforward installation and discreet design make it an excellent choice. Additionally, it accommodates an optional external GPS antenna for situations where optimal GPS visibility is challenging.

Key Details of Astra Telematics AT210 :

Full Quadband GSM: The AT210 operates on a full quadband GSM, ensuring comprehensive coverage for reliable communication.

No Voice Functionality: This tracker doesn’t support voice functionality, focusing solely on efficient tracking capabilities.

Backup Battery: Equipped with a backup battery, the AT210 ensures continuous operation even in the absence of the main power source.

Internal Memory: The device features internal memory, enhancing its ability to store essential data for future reference.

Communication Methods: Utilize GPRS, TCP, and UDP for seamless communication, providing flexibility in data transfer.

Positioning Options: Track location either by time or distance, adapting to various tracking needs with precision.

Sleep Mode Capability: The AT210 offers a sleep mode, optimizing energy consumption during periods of inactivity.

Digital Inputs: Benefit from 2 digital inputs, expanding the device’s functionality for diverse applications.

Internal Events Based: The tracker responds to internal events, enhancing its responsiveness to specific triggers.

Integrated Antennas: Featuring internal GPS and GSM antennas, the AT210 ensures reliable signal reception for accurate tracking.

Durable Casing: Housed in a sturdy plastic casing, the tracker is designed to withstand various environmental conditions.

Extra Connectivity Options: Enjoy additional connectivity with features like Driver ID and a Serial Port for expanded functionality.

European Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Europe, the AT210 represents quality and reliability in telematics technology.

In conclusion, the Astra Telematics AT210 GPS Tracker stands out for its practical design, waterproof features, and a range of functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of Fleet Management and asset-vehicle tracking solutions. Elevate your tracking experience with the AT210 today.

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