Manufacturer: ANBTEK

The TS500A stands out as an Android OS-based All-in-One telematics terminal, offering a range of features for seamless functionality.

Key Features of ANBTEK TS500A:

  1. TS500A Large Display:
    • Boasting a 7-inch industrial capacitive LCD screen, providing a clear and expansive visual interface.
  2. Android 4.2 OS:
    • Operates on the Android 4.2 operating system, ensuring a user-friendly and familiar platform.
  3. Versatile Connectivity:
    • Supports 3G, GPS tracking, navigation, WiFi, and Bluetooth for comprehensive connectivity options.
  4. Rugged Design:
    • Features an IP65 rugged industrial design, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging environments.
  5. Video Inputs:
    • Equipped with 4CH video inputs, enhancing its capabilities for video-related applications.

Technical Specifications of ANBTEK TS500A:

  1. TS500A Powerful CPU:
    • Utilizes a dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU clocked at 1GHz for efficient processing.
  2. TS500A Memory Configuration:
    • Includes 4G NAND Flash for ROM and 1GB DDR3 RAM, ensuring smooth performance.
  3. Expandable Storage:
    • Offers Micro SD (64G) and TF Card slots for additional storage, increasing flexibility.
  4. TS500A Vivid Display:
    • Features a 7-inch TFT-LED QVGA LCD color screen with touch capacitance, providing a vibrant display.
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Incorporates physical buttons, including a power button, and customizable functionality buttons (F1 and F2).
  6. TS500A Wireless Connectivity:
    • Enables WiFi connection with a built-in 802.11b/g wireless WiFi module and Bluetooth V4.1 support.
  7. Versatile Inputs and Outputs:
    • Supports various digital inputs and outputs, including those for ignition, control, and customizable definitions.
  8. TS500A Analog Input:
    • Features an analog input, adding flexibility for diverse applications.
  9. TS500A Multiple Ports:
    • Provides 3 RS232 ports, 1 RS485 port, 1 USB Host 2.0, and 2 USB Device 2.0 ports for extensive connection.

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